22/04/2024 Behind the scenes of a Tech company: how innovation turns into reality in Pharma and Life Sciences
In the world we live in, technology has almost become a "scene" element. We are used to it, and downloading an app takes us just a few seconds. But, behind an app or software developed for Pharma and Life Sciences, there is more than what meets the eye.
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The TrAIbe

Follow the tr(AI)bal beat of innovation in AI Software for the latest Pharma & Life Sciences news.
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29/12/2022 Let’s dAIve in 2023! What to expect from the new year?
Could you recognize whether this text is written by a human being or a machine? Let’s try to understand more about the most discussed Chatbot of the moment!
AI ChatGPT Business Growth
18 Blog Cover happily
04/11/2022 Does a 'happily ever after'​ exist when it comes to AI?
Yes, but reaching it is neither a short nor an easy path. Like any story worthy of being memorable and with a happy ending, there are obstacles to overcome.
AI Customer Engagement App for Pharma Digital Marketing
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03/10/2022 It's a 10, but thinks that Marketing is about posting a few posts on Social Media.
Raise your hand if you think that Marketing for Pharma & Life Science today means sending out a few DEMs to HCPs or posting a few posts on your Social media channels!
AI Digital Marketing
02/09/2022 Behind Data. Inside Data. 100% Human.
Facebook, 2008. We did not know how, but we sensed that it was the beginning of a revolution.
AI Digital Marketing ChatGPT
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12/08/2022 Usability, UI e UX: how to develop a user-friendly app for Pharma
Developing an app today that meets the users' needs is increasingly challenging. The reasons? High expectations and market competitiveness.
App for Pharma Customer Engagement
15 Blog Cover digitaladventure
01/08/2022 Ready to start your adventure?
Put on your backpack and get ready for a new journey! Where will your instinct take you?
Business Growth Customer Engagement
14 Blog Cover the Traibe
04/07/2022 N(AI)ce to meet you :)
Let us introduce "The TrAIbe": created for all those who are passionate about Artificial Intelligence and in general about Technology, Innovation, and Digital Transformation for Pharma and Life Sciences
AI Business Growth
21/03/2022 Business Strategy as a mean to support cultural integration between the East and the West
That’s why, once you know both, you can no longer have a “black or white” approach.
Business Growth
14/02/2022 If I was to say: to be successful in Marketing “be an ant!”, how would you react?
Artificial Intelligence and Social Network: how to find the best match in the information age
Digital Marketing Customer Engagement
21/10/2021 Data Scientist – a dream you should have
Successfully face today's technology challenges: a quick guide to Data Science solutions
AI Analytics
06/10/2021 Women & ICT: can innovation overcome the gender gap?
Is it really possible to talk about innovation in the ICT field if gender differences still persist today? We tried to shed light on the subject.
Business Growth
03/08/2021 Digital Transformation in Pharma & Life Science: how does revolution of business processes happen?
The digital revolution as the real driver of change in Pharma & Life Science companies.
Business Growth Customer Engagement
Press Release
Angelini Pharma chooses AiDEA’s Artificial Intelligence to boost its Digital Transformation and International Growth
Angelini Pharma and Trueblue: a strategic alliance in integrating Artificial Intelligence to reposition and elevate global Customer Engagement capabilities.
Press logo angelini
DOC Generici chooses Trueblue for optimizing its Customer Engagement process towards Digital Transformation
DOC Generici and Trueblue: together to redefine the Customer Engagement experience in the pharmaceutical industry through the implementation of advanced digital solutions
Press logo doc
Gedeon Richter chooses Trueblue for the optimization of its Digital Transformation process
Gedeon Richter and Trueblue: a strategic collaboration for optimizing the Digital Transformation process in the pharmaceutical industry.
Press logo gedeon
Trueblue Announces Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365® to Enhance Customer Engagement in the Life Sciences Market
Revolutionizing Customer Experience in the Pharma & Life Sciences industries: the integration of Trueblue with Microsoft Dynamics 365®.
Press logo microsoft
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