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Generative AI: why is it more than just “copy & paste”?

There's no point in denying it or looking the other way: AI and virtual assistants like ChatGPT are, and will increasingly be, an integral part of our work life. Discover how!

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Generative AI refers to a field of artificial intelligence that deals with creating models and systems capable of generating new original content, such as images, text, sounds, or even videos, that appear to be created by humans.

There's no point in denying it or looking the other way: AI and virtual assistants like ChatGPT are, and will increasingly be, an integral part of our work life.

However, it's essential to understand that using such tools shouldn't lead to a flattening of human cognitive abilities but should instead stimulate creativity and productivity in workers.

In this article of 'The TrAIbe,' we will delve deeper into how AI is changing the way Pharma and Life Science companies work, as well as the importance of keeping up with vertical digital solutions and innovations in an increasingly competitive market.

Is it possible to unleash one's potential thanks to AI?

AI and ChatGPT are powerful tools that can automate some repetitive and routine tasks, allowing workers to focus on more stimulating and creative assignments. Freed from routine activities, individuals have the opportunity to harness their creative potential, even to the point of finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Interacting with a virtual assistant capable of generating ideas and suggestions can be an opportunity to activate various stimuli and overcome intellectual limitations.

In this sense, this innovative technology does not aim to replace or make final decisions. It's worth remembering that each of us carries a background of education and skills that make us competent and unique. This is particularly relevant when referring to a complex market like the pharmaceutical one: scientific information, and the interaction between doctors and companies, represent potential actions that could improve each of our lives. That's why it's crucial for the individual, with the aid of technology, to always have the last word.

How can Generative AI work with Pharma & Life Science industries?

Applications of Generative AI or GPT models can support companies in different ways, such as synthesizing information from different publicly available data sources, like scientific literature, government communications, clinical studies, and even integrating other less (scientifically) 'conventional' sources, like communities and social media.

Now, let's see some use cases, specifically applied to the Marketing discipline, where Generative AI proves to be a valuable tool:

  • Market research: Generative AI models can identify trends, patterns and information available online. This helps to understand opinions, preferences and sentiments of doctors and patients, which can then be corroborated or not through different surveys (quantitative, qualitative, one-to-one or focus group);
  • Create assets: models can generate customized visual and textual assets for various campaigns, such as videos, graphics, and social media posts, based on the campaign's objectives and target audience. With appropriate control measures on the creation of different prompts, it is possible to ensure adherence to corporate policy guidelines and compliance, ensuring that messages and materials are consistent, balanced, and conveyed correctly;
  • Strategy optimization: the model can be used to analyze data from internal customers and generate optimization algorithms to enhance digital marketing campaigns performance;
  • Customer Journey mapping: Generative AI can analyze customer engagement data and generate customer experience maps, which can then be used to understand how clients interact with the brand and identify improvement opportunities.

Now? It's time to explore new horizons!

In synthesis, innovation and Generative AI adoption can offer new opportunities and tools to tackle complex challenges. Nevertheless, we shall never forget the importance of keeping our individuality and uniqueness in the decision-making process. Integrating these technologies with our human capabilities allow us to fully leverage their potential, pushing boundaries and opening new horizons for progress and creativity.

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