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Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation for Pharma & Life Sciences to build and nurture human and personalized relationships with your customers.

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Now, more than ever, grabbing & sustaining the attention of an audience requires empathy.

The ability to engage over various channels is critical, but creating a "human" connection before a "customer focused one" is what brands strive to achieve.

Expectations for marketers are rising. HCP and Consumer behaviours are radically changing. Only the best voice comes up and turns up the volume of interest.

AiDEA Marketing is more than an automation tool; it is an AI-Driven Pharma & Life Sciences Marketing Software that improves the planning and execution of Digital Marketing strategies in a multichannel approach. Integrated (or not) within the entire AiDEA Suite.

Principal Use Cases

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Dynamic Segmentation

Target you audience with the right channel, the right content at the right time, thanks to enhanced AI capabilities of dynamic segmentation.

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Content Strategy

Simplify your content strategy design and creation of Direct Email Marketing, Marketing Pages and Digital Assets.

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Personalized Journeys

Launch a dedicated and highly personalized Customer Journey triggering every moment that matters to your HCPs allowing for better orchestration of marketing and Field Force activity.

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Channel Optimisation

Optimize your marketing investments and channel strategy with the power of AI.

Key Features & Capabilities

Key Features & Capabilities
Automated Email marketing actions and campaigns
Key Features & Capabilities
Highly personalized Customer Journey templates for Pharma & Life Sciences needs
Key Features & Capabilities
Reporting and analytics available in near real time
Key Features & Capabilities
An AI enhanched channel optimization strategy
Key Features & Capabilities
Predictive AI marketing functionalities to identify HCP needs
Key Features & Capabilities
LinkedIn Matched Audiences based on AiDEA Marketing segments
Key Features & Capabilities
Customer Voice natively integrated to enhance surveys

Digital Marketing and Pharma: Read How to Implement Effective Multichannel Strategies in Our Case Studies

Case Study

Driving Growth: AI-Powered Omnichannel Marketing Strategy
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Case Study

Revolutionizing Engagement: Elevating CRM & Marketing in Pharma
Explore our journey in driving Marketing success through a scalable platform and an efficient technology ecosystem, defining the roadmap for innovation and Digital Transformation.

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