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Let’s dAIve in 2023! What to expect from the new year?

Could you recognize whether this text is written by a human being or a machine? Let’s try to understand more about the most discussed Chatbot of the moment!

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Could you recognize whether this text is written by a human being or a machine?

And if you found out that it was the second option, would you tend to value it less than content developed by a human being?

Let’s try to understand more about the most discussed Chatbot of the moment!

ChatGPT: why did this AI chatbot go so viral?

The news of ChatGPT (the new model developed by OpenAI that is part of the GPT-3, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, models) has now gone around the world, but what keeps it on the heights of hype?

One could address this topic really at length, however, I would like to focus on three factors that I think are fundamental:

- ease of use: ChatGPT is optimized for conversation, making it extremely intuitive to use.

- the strategical partnership with Microsoft to build together Azure’s AI supercomputing technologies, therefore OpenAI will run its services on Microsoft, and finally, Microsoft will be the preferred partner for OpenAI to commercialize its new AI technologies (source).

- the support that AI can give to humans in terms of work optimization: the text written by ChatGPT answers questions in a pertinent way, so it can help users to not waste time by writing contents themselves.

In fact, what I was able to experience can be described as follows: ChatGPT is able to cross-reference a very wide source from of data, in a quick and easy way and able to return feedback, whether one wants it or not, relevant to what was requested and, above all, able to be improved thanks to the learning models present within it.

AI that talks about itself!

It is evident how AI presents a very wide horizon of application. In fact, it may come as a surprise (but not too much) that these very 3 elements listed above unite AiDEA Suite – the Trueblue Smart Customer Engagement solution for Pharma & Life Science - with ChatGPT:

  • ease of use: user experience is enhanced by an intuitive and user-friendly interface to ensure the best possible usability
  • the strategical partnership with Microsoft: the goal is to provide the most advanced technology to manage and interact with HCPS, where Artificial Intelligence is the foundation that powers the operational and analytical solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365® and Power Platform®
  • optimization: AiDEA drives you along the entire engagement process from insights to action, where everything you need is at your fingertips. Time is precious!

But what are the benefits of AI in Healthcare for Customer Engagement strategies with HPCs? Just to stay on topic, we tried to ask ChatGPT:

Artificial intelligence (AI) can offer several advantages in Healthcare for Customer Engagement strategies between companies and physicians. Here are some examples:

  • Content personalization: AI can analyze patient and physician data to deliver personalized and relevant content. For example, a pharmaceutical company can use AI to send information about new drugs or specific treatments for certain medical conditions.
  • Data analytics: AI can help collect and analyze patient and physician data to help companies better understand the needs and wants of their customers.
  • Task automation: AI can automate certain tasks, such as answering common questions or sending reminders, freeing up time for physicians to devote to more valuable activities.
  • Clinical decision support: AI can help physicians make more accurate and timely clinical decisions by providing data-driven information and analysis.

Overall, the use of AI in healthcare can help improve the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of services offered to patients, as well as provide opportunities for companies to develop stronger, longer-lasting relationships with physicians.”

Well, the result is pretty accurate, but we think that you can understand better AiDEA Suite here.

So, what does 2023 look like?

To understand the Trends related to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare that will drive 2023, we have created a Report that aims to get you off on the right foot and to be a present or future reference point within the market where we have been operating for more than 20 years.

Here is what you'll find inside:

  • The AI-related Trends that will drive the Healthcare market in 2023
  • Questions you can use to reflect on the first steps
  • Charts we're sure you'll love!
  • Quotes from some of the industry top players who already started their AI-related Digital Transformation journey. Here’s a preview from Matteo Mille, Chief Marketing and Operation Officer, Microsoft Italia: “AI-based technology and solutions are game changers in today’s market, in every industry and, especially, in the pharmaceutical one, where data must be organized quickly in a functional way”.

If you want to read more, you can download our Report “AI builds Momentum for Digital Transformation in Healthcare 2023” here.

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