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We Speed Up the Daily Work of Pharma & Life Sciences Commercial teams
by harnessing the potential of the most powerful resources represented by relationships and data, powered by AI, through CRM and commercial software.

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Today, it’s crucial for Pharma & Life Sciences organizations to utilize and get the most out of their data to create competitive advantage and optimize decision making.

The real challenge comes when it’s time to turn data into actionable insights. AiDEA Sales is the evolution of Pharma & Life Sciences CRM, Customer Relationship Management, where Artificial Intelligence is the foundation acting as the engine behind operational & analytical solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365®.

Engage your audience in a smarter way by leveraging AI.

Principal Use Cases

Call planning

Simplify the call planning process, so that Reps can easily identify relevant ways to engage HCPs in real-time with a single touch - Help your Field Force have smart & personalized interactions with HCPs.

Relevant Insights

Bring together relevant insights with ready-to-use sales management and home office dashboards to maximize your team’s performance and help invest valuable commercial resources in the right places.

Linked data

Link together fragmented data both from across your organization and external providers to engage HCPs in the right way at the right time with the right content.

Key Features & Capabilities

Key Features & Capabilities
AI Suggestions and Actionable Insights based on HCPs interactions
Key Features & Capabilities
100% Vocal interaction available
Key Features & Capabilities
Omnichannel tracking and communication
Key Features & Capabilities
Activity scheduling, customer management, call plan, reports available in real time
Key Features & Capabilities
Expenses Management
Key Features & Capabilities
Samples Handling
Key Features & Capabilities
Consent & privacy management
Key Features & Capabilities
CLM Management & Integration
Key Features & Capabilities
RTE (Rep Triggered Emails) & Marketing Integration
Key Features & Capabilities
Offline mode available
Key Features & Capabilities
Hybrid and smart user experience across multiple devices, platforms and operating Systems
Key Features & Capabilities
Real-time data information & report shared within your reps’ daily activity

Having the Right CRM Makes the Difference in Pharma & Life Sciences - Explore our Case Studies

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Case Study

Digital Transformation: Revolutionizing CRM and Marketing Strategies for Global Growth
Discover how we met our client's needs and laid the foundation for sustainable growth and efficiency in commercial operations.

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AiDEA Retail | The module to enhance Performance at Point of Sales

We provide the best user experience to easily connect and share information across sales, supply chain, finance and procurement at point of sale.

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