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Manage and execute impactful Pharma & Life Sciences events with our all-in-one platform to obtain seamless collaboration among Commercial, Medical and Marketing Teams to achieve success.

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The most impactful Pharma & Life Sciences Events Management software can help you unleash the potential of your omnichannel strategy by leveraging the power of data and information regarding your HCPs. With proper Pharma CRM events management, you can ensure that you optimize your budget, and that your engagement follows the proper regulatory requirements.

Principal Use Cases

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Data integration

Save time in managing logistics by digitalizing the relationships between agencies & suppliers and the integration with several data sources.

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Budget allocation

Optimize budget allocation based on the company guidelines, in line with user permissions.

Icon Ownership strategy
Ownership strategy

Assign dynamically steps and task to the appropriate owner based on forecasted cost thresholds and specific event strategy.

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Team alignment

Streamline the event management team organization by allocating various activities (i.e budget approval, compliance) to the appropriate owner.

Key Features & Capabilities

Key Features & Capabilities
Transparency & Compliance Management Guarantee with all internal and external compliance controls
Key Features & Capabilities
Multi-source Integration with ERP systems using APIs, Web services or flat-files
Key Features & Capabilities
Natively integrated with AiDEA Sales for effective omnichannel strategy
Key Features & Capabilities
Improve Budget Management to grant data-driven decision making thanks to analysis of cost-effectiveness and impact
Key Features & Capabilities
Customizable alert system and workflows to involve and align Team members to easily meet deadlines

Event Management in Pharma: How to Simplify and Improve it in One Platform

Case Study

Streamlining Events: Revolutionizing Biopharma's Digital Evolution with AiDEA Event
Explore streamlined processes, seamlessly integrated workflows, and automated compliance reporting, fostering growth and efficiency at every event.

Case Study

Empowering Growth: A Journey of Digital Transformation in Pharmaceutical Commercial Operations
Discover how we accelerated international growth by modernizing the CRM, digitalizing sales processes, and fostering a data-driven mindset.

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