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Angelini Pharma chooses AiDEA’s Artificial Intelligence to boost its Digital Transformation and International Growth

Angelini Pharma and Trueblue: a strategic alliance in integrating Artificial Intelligence to reposition and elevate global Customer Engagement capabilities.

Trueblue, a leading provider of AI solutions for Operational and Analytical CRM in the Life Science industry announces that Angelini Pharma, as part of a major global digital transformation process, has chosen AiDEA, the first AI-Digital Cloud Pharma CRM solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Angelini Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company committed to helping patients in the therapeutic areas of Central Nervous System (CNS) and Mental Health (including Pain), Rare Diseases and Consumer Healthcare.

Angelini's new digital vision is to reposition and elevate its Customer Engagement capabilities using Artificial Intelligence by implementing an innovative AI-Driven CRM system. This outlines not only a clear path towards Digital, but also the willingness to go international through best practices that enable interactions with key customers while supporting the company's global growth, thus evolving its commercial and operational capabilities.

Angelini Pharma will implement the AiDEA CRM suite in more than 24 subsidiaries worldwide, offering its employees a wide range of Artificial Intelligence applications. The leading Pharma Company will thus take advantage of actionable insights and omni-channel optimization algorithms designed to maximize the use of resources, optimize Customer Engagement Activities on all channels and better meet the needs of each stakeholder.

After a thorough evaluation process of the ideal partner and as a result of a former successful Data Warehouse and Corporate Business Intelligence project, Angelini Pharma chose Trueblue's, which demonstrated the skills, innovation, flexibility, and business advantage of its platforms based on Microsoft technologies.

“We decided to boost the deployment of our Multichannel strategy to better support our ongoing transformation, and while advancing significantly, we realized the need to further accelerate also expanding to solutions based on the use of Artificial Intelligence," says Pierluigi Antonelli, Angelini Pharma’s CEO. "Trueblue's AiDEA Suite enables us to leverage our existing investments while accelerating our AI transformation to ensure our subsidiaries can better serve their customers".

On a global level, companies that are strategically scaling artificial intelligence report a return on investment nearly three times greater than those that are merely experimenting.

"We are excited about this relationship that has been lasting for several years and that makes Angelini Pharma the main player of a new paradigm, in this particularly important historical moment for the pharmaceutical context," says Marco Bonesini - CEO & Co-founder of Trueblue. "Our goal is to  contribute to the growth of Angelini Pharma at international level with the strength of AiDEA and all the potential of an omni-channel AI-Driven solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is truly ready to change the CRM market in the pharmaceutical sector".

Elena Bonfiglioli, Managing Director, HealthCare and Life Sciences, EMEA Regional Lead at Microsoft Corp. added, "AiDEA, enables pharma companies with the capabilities and tools to deliver superior experiences in every interaction with their customers. Integration with Dynamics 365 supports pharma companies in their digital transition."

Press Release
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