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Start your AI Journey & Make Your Business Grow. We work everyday to assist organizations in realizing the full potential of their data, through Pharma & Life Sciences software, enhancing overall performance through sustainable improvements in technology, processes and capabilities.

AiDEA Suite is our Solution Designed to Answer the Needs of Pharma & Life Sciences Industries at Different Levels and in Multiple Areas

Case Study

Innovating Pharma: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement and Efficiency Across 40 Countries
Dive into a Journey of seamless integration and efficiency enhancement, driving Global Transformation in each of the 40 countries.

Case Study

Driving Global Growth: A Case Study of Digital Transformation
In our case study, we tackled a pressing issue faced by our client: the need for a digital transformation on an international scale.
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Now more than ever, being innovative is required to survive.

It is not a just matter of technology but it's about changing the culture and processes of the people using the technology. Once you start reading a new story, you won't be able to ignore the next chapter.

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Focusing on Data is always a good idea.

Read it in a simple way thanks to AI & improve your business results. View Real Time Performance. Link together fragmented data from accross the organization and external providers.

Collect all relevant HCPs data and insights in one place.

Simplify the call plan process. Bring together relevant insights and maximize team's performance, invest valuable commercial resources in the right places and respond faster to market changes.

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When it comes to marketing, digital strategy comes to life.

As a thought leader, having a digital strategy that always starts from the behavior and the needs of your HCPs, is the right way to support the Field Force.

Design and re-think the customer journey of your audience in a few steps. Forget annoying operative items and start to create based on data and the reaction of your HCPs, involving multiple digital channels at each step of your marketing campaigns.

Obtain the best engagement with your HCPs. Implement unique scenarios, communicate better and address what they want, when they want it and on their preferred channel. All thanks to AI.

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Save time in managing logistics by digitalizing your relationships with agencies and suppliers.

Ensure compliance with local regulation, ethical policies and transparency regulations.

Easily integrate multiple data sources to efficiently manage your schedule and create a customizable alert system with workflows. Break down silos and align all involved parties to quickly meet deadlines and complete tasks.

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Equip your Field Force with an easy-to-use tool to properly manage budget in order to focus on making data-driven decisions thanks to impact analysis of cost-effectiveness investments.

Obtain a 360° customer view as well as an order collection process that is agile and supported by a tool that facilitates Reps' work, giving hints based on the company strategy and verifying that commercial policies are respected.

Collect a fast, efficient and independently configurable view of all data and orders entered, customer lists, contacts and visit & promotion history. In real-time, all at your fingertips, in-line with the business need and organization strategy.

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Turn your Goals Beyond the Dream and Create a Structured Plan Simply Using your Voice, or With a Tap!

Guide your Team Through the Best Path and Gain the Trust of Your HCPs Faster and Intelligently.

We Speed Up the Daily Work of Pharma & Life Sciences Commercial teams.
Principal use cases:
Call planning
Linked data
AiDEA Sales
With AiDEA Retail Software for Pharma & Life Sciences we provide the best user experience.
Principal use cases:
Get AI-suggestions
Order Management
Collect Customer Data
Aligned strategy
AiDEA Retail
Manage and execute impactful Pharma & Life Sciences events with our all-in-one platform.
Principal use cases:
Data integration
Budget allocation
Ownership strategy
Team alignment
AiDEA Event
Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation for Pharma & Life Sciences.
Principal use cases:
Dynamic Segmentation
Content Strategy
personalized Journeys
Channel Optimisation
AiDEA Marketing
It's Time to Close the Gap Between Strategy & Execution
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