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Pharma & Life Sciences Strategy Consulting Services

Our Pharma management consulting services leverage our 20+ years of experience and industry expertise to help solve some of the toughest commercial challenges for Pharma & Life Sciences organizations.

Customer Experience First

Sales Force Analytical Process

Building solid analytical solutions for the Field Force in support of the Sales Business Planning process.

Report Rationalization & Remediation

Dedicated analysis to find and formalize specific “so-what” for dashboard, reports and tables.

Digital Analytics & Digital Targeting

Multichannel reporting & dashboards, integrated with effective monitoring and digital profiling.

Advanced Analytics

Incorporation of omnichannel capabilities and multi channel unification.

Strategic Advisory

Next-Best-Action & Actionable Insights

Field Force dedicated HCPs dashboard, integrated with AI-powered NBA suggestion.

Organizational Services

Support and coverage for Client’s key & supporting functions (e.g. Product Owner).

Customer segmentation & Clustering

Analysis of specific customer characteristics (contact points, sales trend, attributes) to create segmentation/clustering.

Multichannel & Customer Engagement

Strategic design of activities, coverage and targets for marketing channels (with integration between traditional and digital).

Discover How We've Driven Business Success with Our Expertise

Case Study

Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Analytics: Unveiling Global Insights
Delve into our case study to uncover the impactful journey of our pharmaceutical analytics expertise, shaping and executing global analytics strategy with success.

Case Study

Driving Data Excellence: A Case Study in Global Infrastructure Transformation
Discover how we revolutionized efficiency and elevated reporting capabilities, paving the way for scalable growth and organizational empowerment.

Case Study

Revolutionzing Marketing: Unleashing the Power of AI
Explore how we integrate AI to transform omnichannel engagement, fostering synergy between sales and marketing teams for unprecedented growth.

At the Core of Your Data

Area Readiness

Assessment on functional covering of Company’s needs and status of data/ IT architecture at Regional/ Local level.

Master Data Assessment

Dedicated templates for the analysis of organization of data in specific perimeters (e.g. Sales, SFE, Access, Retail, Finance).

Data Mapping

Analysis of information and detailed data content (type of data, granularity, quality, characteristics, availability).

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Customer Feedback Management

Development of Customer Feedback monitoring models: CX & Customer Journey analysis triggers, tools, targets, analytics.

Change Management

Engagement Plan, Coaching Management (skills development, targets), Adoption monitoring (tools roll-out, digital enablement). AI Driven process learning & Smart Approach

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