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Gedeon Richter chooses Trueblue for the optimization of its Digital Transformation process

Gedeon Richter and Trueblue: a strategic collaboration for optimizing the Digital Transformation process in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gedeon Richter, a multinational pharmaceutical company specialized in Italy in the area of Women's Health, chooses Trueblue with the aim to implement innovative solutions and revamp its way of working in view of Digital Transformation, in a market responding to ever changing needs.

The project involves the implementation of Trueblue's CRM, of Actionable Insights analytical suite and specifically of Rep Digital Suite, in order to implement a holistic multichannel strategy and get a fully integrated view of customer engagement activities.

In particular, Gedeon Richter Italia proceeds with its collaboration with Trueblue, kicking off an important digitalization process by integrating the Rep Digital Suite module to the CRM and Analytics suite already in use. This will be available for both Headquarters and Field Force and will allow managing the different communication channels and the whole Customer Journey, through a system able to guarantee a 360° experience and an effective measurement of the interactions between the company and its customers.

“We have chosen Trueblue as a partner in the implementation of our digitization process. We studied together a new system of KPIs to monitor and measure the extent of our Customer Engagement capacity,in line with the times and with our customers’ behaviors and needs.” states Maria Giovanna Labbate – Managing Director of Gedeon Richter Italia.

Together with Trueblue, Gedeon Richter Italia will be able to manage all interactions thoroughly – from remote calls to web meetings and monitoring of Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) actions – thus implementing a Journey that will allow optimizing activities and increasing and monitoring the level of customer engagement, through Trueblue's Customer Engagement Score.

All this will be made possible through a multi-channel analytical system integrated with the other solutions, scalable and flexible, able to ensure a Smart measurement of the most important KPIs, then translating them into Intelligent Insights available anywhere and at any time.

“We are excited to collaborate with Gedeon Richter once again.” says Marco Bonesini – CEO & Co-Founder of Trueblue "The implementation of a Digital Transformation path aimed at increasing and optimizing the Company's performance is a very important goal for us. Thanks to our solution, Gedeon Richter will get an innovative and effective Customer Engagement management experience."

About Gedeon Richter Italia

Gedeon Richter Italia S.r.l. is the Italian subsidiary of Gedeon Richter, a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Hungary, with products distributed in over 100 countries worldwide and about 13,000 employees globally. The company has developed a unique expertise in the therapeutic areas it focuses on: disorders of the Central Nervous System – a field in which it carries out original research – Women's Health, and the development of Biosimilar products. In 2021 Gedeon Richter has reached the 120-year milestone, with an eye always turned to innovation and a constant commitment to the research of new drugs aiming at improving people's life quality. In 2021 the company also celebrates 10 years of activity of Gedeon Richter Italia. Since the very beginning, the company has been at women's side, with a complete portfolio of innovative drugs and products to protect their health and well-being in every phase of life, from adolescence to adulthood and maturity. Today it is able to offer high-quality therapeutic solutions, from contraception to products for the treatment of endometriosis, uterine fibroids, infertility, osteoporosis, disorders of the lower genital tract, up to the line dedicated to menopause. For more information, please visit

About Trueblue

Founded in 2003 in Verona, Italy, Trueblue provides advanced software solutions based on proprietary technology integrated with artificial intelligence tools, together with dedicated professional services, to global customers in the life science sector. The company's core business is based on tools that improve the performance of the pharmaceutical sales force, integrate data from multiple sources and offer the user a 360° view of the customer, facilitating the implementation of a true omnichannel strategy, through the processing of proactive contextual information and real-time insights.

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