22/04/2024 Behind the scenes of a Tech company: how innovation turns into reality in Pharma and Life Sciences
In the world we live in, technology has almost become a "scene" element. We are used to it, and downloading an app takes us just a few seconds. But, behind an app or software developed for Pharma and Life Sciences, there is more than what meets the eye.
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Follow the tr(AI)bal beat of innovation in AI Software for the latest Pharma & Life Sciences news.
24/06/2021 3 ways to optimize Digital & Pharma in communication’s processes
Is it possible to spread better information about people’s health through digital means? Spoiler alert, yes, it is
Digital Marketing Customer Engagement
27/05/2021 The light side of Data: the irreplaceable value of the human side (even in IT)
Despite this scientific value, we should never lose sight of the fact that behind data, there are human beings.
Analytics AI
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25/05/2021 “Phygital” for Pharma and Life Science: the new business model that combines the best of online and offline
Creating a valuable experience for your target audience is one of the keys to success, but what happens when you want to adopt a strategy that encompasses both the physical and digital worlds?
Customer Engagement
21/04/2021 Why AiDEA?
A new paradigm for the Pharma & Life Science industries. Discover the "reasons why" that brought us to develop AiDEA Suite.
AI Business Growth Customer Engagement
4 Blog Cover dataanalytics
01/04/2021 Exploring the Ocean of Data: Analysis and Quality that can Transform Business Strategies
The new challenges of the Pharma & Life Science market. The key players? Always the data.
25/02/2021 #TrueblueTips | What is Customer Engagement Score and how to measure it
CES: a metric to monitor customer’s interaction in a multichannel perspective
Customer Engagement Digital Marketing AI
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09/12/2020 What happens when Artificial Intelligence collides with the world of Digital Marketing?
In the era of information accessible anywhere and at any time, to 'do well,' you must know how to blend technology and multichannel approaches
Digital Marketing AI
Press Release
Angelini Pharma chooses AiDEA’s Artificial Intelligence to boost its Digital Transformation and International Growth
Angelini Pharma and Trueblue: a strategic alliance in integrating Artificial Intelligence to reposition and elevate global Customer Engagement capabilities.
Press logo angelini
DOC Generici chooses Trueblue for optimizing its Customer Engagement process towards Digital Transformation
DOC Generici and Trueblue: together to redefine the Customer Engagement experience in the pharmaceutical industry through the implementation of advanced digital solutions
Press logo doc
Gedeon Richter chooses Trueblue for the optimization of its Digital Transformation process
Gedeon Richter and Trueblue: a strategic collaboration for optimizing the Digital Transformation process in the pharmaceutical industry.
Press logo gedeon
Trueblue Announces Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365® to Enhance Customer Engagement in the Life Sciences Market
Revolutionizing Customer Experience in the Pharma & Life Sciences industries: the integration of Trueblue with Microsoft Dynamics 365®.
Press logo microsoft
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