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Does a 'happily ever after'​ exist when it comes to AI?

Yes, but reaching it is neither a short nor an easy path. Like any story worthy of being memorable and with a happy ending, there are obstacles to overcome.

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Yes, but reaching it is neither a short nor an easy path. Like any story worthy of being memorable and with a happy ending, there are obstacles to overcome. Especially when it comes to winning and maintaining strong relationships with your HCPs.

Every Healthcare company today wants to be able to send the right message, at the right time, to the right audience, as the value of a personalized Customer Experience is widely recognized even within an industry that was always on the razor's edge between 'I would like to, but I can't'.

However, the truth is quite different: every reality hides enormous potential that can be identified with data, which is probably shared and used within business strategies, but still too often a real engine and infrastructure able to make the most out of it is missing.

Well, just like the magical instrument of the most classic tales, Artificial Intelligence fits into this scenario by analyzing data and providing specific insights about companies’ customer base, to help them make smarter sales and marketing decisions by targeting and engaging physicians more effectively.

However, this is not a tale but it’s already the reality. And that’s exactly where this story begins.

Are you ready to make your 3 wishes?

Wish #1: I want to engage my Medical Community smarter thanks to AI

Companies are made up of complex and ever-growing ecosystems, within which there are several elements that must necessarily coexist: people, data and processes.

For this to happen, however, it is necessary to have a solid infrastructure capable of supporting this ecosystem and the right mindset oriented towards a business model that sees technology as a key strategic asset.

In this sense, AI represents the potential to improve data-driven decision-making, to engage your HPCs better and to anticipate competition, the value of which is maximized when compared to a tool that has been designed with the goal of supporting Life Science Commercial Teams. And that’s because AI has the power of truly understanding data, make predictions and give actionable insights based on it, in order to be aligned with the whole business strategy.

Wish #2: I want to streamline my activities and increase my day-to-day productivity thanks to AI

If your idea of AI is that of a powerful but inflexible tool that is difficult to understand, you will have to change your mind.

In fact, Artificial Intelligence fosters a process that can be identified as the 'Democratization of data', which is nothing other than having data readily available and understandable by everyone in the organization, including non-technological resources.

What does that mean?

Just imagine if Sales Reps had an app on their smartphone that could provide them with AI-driven insights, in real time, through a notification system and they can read it easily anywhere and at any time. Can you imagine how the engagement with physicians could change and improve?

And, again, let’s suppose that this app comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface to facilitate not only the adoption process, but also the daily work-related experience.

That would be a real revolution in the way of working, focusing on efficiency, speed and simplicity.

Wish #3: I want to design AI-driven strategies and highly personalized Customer Journeys

The philosopher John Locke said: “the mind is furnished with ideas by experience alone”. Everything that revolves around our knowledge stems from what the human being can Experience.

So let's start here and say that those involved in Marketing today cannot avoid this important concept that underpins a Customer Centric approach and that is often taken lightly, namely the fact that Marketing today means creating real moments of experience that enrich the relationship between person and company (also made up of people, let us not forget) every day.

In all this, Healthcare companies are absolutely within this disruptive vortex that has totally changed not only, as we said, the way to interact with the audience, but also added the need to use systems capable of supporting and facilitating a Digital strategy.

And here several elements come into play, such as the already mentioned AI, but also Automation, which if taken individually serve little purpose, but when united within a single platform working on a consistent data base, unleashes a unique power that comes to life in the creation of customized, multichannel Customer Journeys.

In short, what technology can do for us amazes us every day. However, don't forget that the real hero of the story is you and that your superpower is knowledge. So, take care of it ;)

Most important thing…you’re not alone!

We know that AI represents a beautiful and mysterious world at the same time for many of you!

That’s why we have built our Artificial Intelligence in Motion (#AIM) Community – a group of enthusiasts, of those who never stop hungering for knowledge and discovering the innovations that technology offers.

3 reasons to join us?

  • exclusive content related to AI in Healthcare
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Still there?

1,2,3, puff! Make your wishes come True!

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