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With AiDEA Retail Software for Pharma & Life Sciences we provide the best user experience to easily connect and share information across sales, supply chain, finance and procurement at point of sales.

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Managing the order taking and the retail process for Pharma & Life Sciences companies is becoming heavily dependent on data, insights and channel involvement. For companies to get ahead, it is crucial to capture customer behavior at Point of Sale.

AiDEA Retail is a module integrated within AiDEA Sales that can ensure your team has the relevant customer information in coordination with your commercial strategy at their fingertips.

Customer card enhanced with partnership agreements, store check-in and in-store marketing activities contributing to increase OTC revenues and optimization of sales and delivery all in a powerful retail software thought for Pharma & Life Sciences.

Principal Use Cases

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Get AI-suggestions

Consult past orders, analyze sales KPIs per territory and get suggestions by AI about the best order proposal. Thanks to AiDEA Retail, it is possible to obtain price lists directly on your tablet without the hassle of document collection, speeding up the process and preventing costly errors.

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Order Management

Personalize the order with available product and sales promotions governed by HQ. Enable specific selection of promotions/price lists using possible correspondence between customers and distributors.

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Collect Customer Data

Share the signed order preview with the disclaimer to the Customer, preventing any further misunderstanding when the invoice will be issued. REPs can collect significant Customer data via Surveys.

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Aligned strategy

Support HQ strategy by providing pricelists with value/qty ranges and promotions with header discount and free materials.

Key Features & Capabilities

Key Features & Capabilities
Multiple device
Key Features & Capabilities
Actionable Insights designed for Point of sales and Pharma Retail needs
Key Features & Capabilities
Multiple commercial conditions available for real-time customization of pricelist and promotions
Key Features & Capabilities
Easy integration with ERP systems
Key Features & Capabilities
Advanced rules to simplify complex orders
Key Features & Capabilities
Designed with the user at the core to allow for quick and accurate order entry
Key Features & Capabilities
Order preference & Customized Reporting
Key Features & Capabilities
AI to support in Sales Data analysis and Orders proposal

How to Implement a Successful Commercial Experience: Our Case Studies in Pharma Retail

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Retail Revolution: Driving Growth Through Digital Transformation
Dive into our case study to uncover how we accelerated retail success through digital transformation, by leveraging AI-powered solutions.

Case Study

Pharma Retail: Revolutionizing Global Pharmaceutical Operations
Delve into our strategy to develop an HCP customer experience & e-commerce portal.

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