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Why AiDEA?

A new paradigm for the Pharma & Life Science industries. Discover the "reasons why" that brought us to develop AiDEA Suite.

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During your journey with us, whether it has just begun or you've been here for some time, you may have wondered why and where the name "AiDEA" comes from.

This question can be interpreted in two different ways: the first concerns the choice of the name 'AiDEA,' while the second refers to the actual motivation behind the creation of the AiDEA Suite.

We started from the basic concept of Digital Transformation and the related acceleration that it has brought within companies, gaining more and more ground and introducing new challenges to manage.

For this reason, we felt the need to introduce a new paradigm: a new working system that wouldn't simply optimize time and improve its quality, but would contribute to radically change it by bringing a systemic improvement in the performance of various activities from multiple perspectives.

The new Paradigm - the jump towards innovation

In order to better explain what we achieved in Trueblue, we like to refer to one of the most revolutionary sports events of the 20th century. The sport in question is high jump, which used to be performed using a ventral technique.

At one point Richard Forsbury, during the Olympic game of Mexico City, decided to experiment with a new type of high jump, performing it reverse by approaching the jump with his back. At that moment, the American athlete was revolutionizing a well-known paradigm and achieving excellent results. Needless to say, this technique was later adopted worldwide.

This anecdote serves as a useful metaphor to summarize what Trueblue has achieved with AiDEA Suite: introducing Artificial Intelligence as the engine at the center of everything, applying extensive use of AI in all functions.

From here comes the name of our innovative Suite of Smart Customer Engagement: our "idea" of a new paradigm based on AI. The potential of AI is also used to change user habits and the way they interact with the device (through voice commands or proactive suggestions), making the daily user experience extremely simplified and, consequently, introducing a new paradigm in terms of usability.

In the IT field, change is happening at an increasingly rapid pace, which makes it essential to reflect on two main points: the first is Artificial Intelligence itself. The world constantly talks about it, and we ourselves talk about AI, but we are still using it as a gimmick, something to be added or considered for certain functionalities rather than a solid foundation.

With AiDEA Suite, on the other hand, we have embraced Artificial Intelligence as a solid and indispensable foundation for all our systems. Looking to the future, we expect AI to become the basis upon which all the solutions we use are built, just as it is already happening at this moment. Thanks to our innovative approach, we are ready to redefine industry standards and pave the way towards a new era of cutting-edge IT solutions.

Platform era

The second point concerns broader issues such as the Cloud and Infrastructure in general: soon the "Cloud Era" will give way to the Platform Era, where platforms in the cloud will be the foundation for the majority of needs. It is in this perspective that Trueblue has already followed this latest revolution by choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365® as the platform and Azure Cloud as solid foundations from which to innovate and develop their solutions.

Looking ahead, we can sense the excitement that comes from the combination of Artificial Intelligence and innovative platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365®. These elements represent the foundations upon which a new era of innovative digital solutions can be built, radically transforming the way we work every day.

We are ready to embrace this challenge, fully confident in our ability to fullfill our full potential and move towards an innovative, engaging, and efficient future. For anyone who wants to be part of it.

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