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3 ways to optimize Digital & Pharma in communication’s processes

Is it possible to spread better information about people’s health through digital means? Spoiler alert, yes, it is

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Pharmaceutical companies are undergoing a transformative journey that has introduced new ways of working and interesting opportunities, opening doors to technological innovations and new digital channels. This path is affecting Marketing and Communication departments too, where the online presence has become important both for brand image, but also brand value and reputation. However, how do these opportunities unfold, and what are the obstacles that companies have to face today?

“Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet!”

That’s partially true. We all tend to search for information online every day, especially regarding pharma and healthcare, which highlights the dual nature of the Internet. On one hand, it allows us to learn, research and educate ourselves on a specific topic – a positive aspect. On the other hand, we often risk encountering “false myths” or misinformation that could lead us to mistakes or even damage our own health.

This is where a first area of responsibility for pharmaceutical companies comes in: the ability to harness the potential of digital channels. By implementing a  pull-marketing strategy that creates empathy, effectively communicating and addressing sensitive topics, they can establish a relationship of trust with users.

Is this utopia? Not at all. Currently, many companies are moving in this direction to raise awareness and combat the spread of daily misinformation.

We talked about this here with Dr. Sanna – Business Excellence & Marketing Director of Gedeon Richter – delving deeper in “Il Momento Giusto” (i.e. “The right moment”), an international campaign for young women about fertility, its preservation and particularly on oocytes freezing as a mean to increase the chances of conception “when you’re ready”.

By using a multi-channel digital strategy, Gedeon Richter not only informed people about those key aspects she deals with at a pharmaceutical level, but also contributed to create awareness both in the target audience and in many women who may not have been aware of this opportunity for their future.

Nowadays, why can (and should) Pharma companies be Social?

We partially explained it, but digital channels today offer enormous opportunities in terms of business growth and building brand awareness. However, we should specifically focus on Social Networks because, by nature, they host Communities within them (and by the way, do you know our "AI in Motion" Community?), consisting of groups of people who can be profiled and clustered, allowing them to receive content and messages tailored to their interests, in compliance with the Ministry of Health's advertising guidelines.

It’s not just a “simple” marketing strategy, but a communication vehicle capable of enhancing the value of the brand in its entirety. A way to achieve a level of dialogue’s capillarity with the target audience that represents, today and tomorrow, an element of great importance for pharmaceutical companies, switching their communication paradigm from one-to-many to one-to-one.

Influencers & Influence | the communicative power of Gen Z

Short but necessary disclaimer: the objective of this blog post is not to divulge best practices on what Influencers should or should not communicate, but simply to analyze the potential of the communicative power of a public figure.

Well, yes, because we can essentially consider influencers as important public figures who have the responsibility to share their experiences and thoughts with their followers, potentially at any moment of their day. And when the number of following begins to get dizzying, we should not look the other way and pretend that influencers do not have an "influence” in our society, as it would be a mistake.

The spoiler was indeed correct. In this article we shared a few examples, but the best has yet to come. Knowing how to get what you want might be the key to success.

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