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Women & ICT: can innovation overcome the gender gap?

Is it really possible to talk about innovation in the ICT field if gender differences still persist today? We tried to shed light on the subject.

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The #WomensEqualityDay celebrated in the United States represents a national day to commemorate of the adoption, in 1920, of the Nineteenth Amendment (Amendment XIX) to the United States Constitution, which prohibits states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to U.S. citizens on the basis of sex. (Source Wikipedia)

While its celebration takes place on August 26th every year, we have decided to address this significant topic to examine the different perspectives in which it can be interpreted. Specifically, the gender gap related to the presence of women in the Italian and European ICT landscape.

Women & ICT: What’s the Right Way?

Well, the room in terms of female employment in Information Technology companies is still too little. According to data collected by McKinsey, the percentage of women holding technology-related roles in European companies is only 22%. This statistic raises valid questions and doubts, especially at a time when technology underpins much of the innovation and growth in today's world.


Women ICT

Given the undeniable objectivity of the data (please forgive the wordplay), it's normal to wonder whether companies in the industry are overusing words like 'innovation' and 'digital transformation', which are easily associated with the idea of progress, both technological and otherwise.

Truly innovative companies, regardless of the industry they operate in, are increasingly focusing on social issues and addressing discrimination, including gender inequality. This aspect is reflected in the mental agility and heterogeneity that enable the development of products and services which can make a difference.

At Trueblue, the percentage of women is 38.5%; a number that makes us proud, it stands out when compared to the European average and it is only destined to grow. Women who, equal to their male colleagues, collaborate to pursue a common goal because, if it is true that a company must believe in a value, ours resides in People, beyond any gender difference.

The Creative Side of Technology

Another aspect to consider on this topic is related to women's perception of technology. There seems to be an aura of mystery that, instead of being fascinating, appears hostile, when instead it is necessary to go beyond and overcome obstacles to understand that:

Technology, much like literature, has a significant creative element that allows for discovery, exploration, but above all, finding and creating solutions, addressing and managing problems with dynamism, curiosity, and the elegance that characterizes us as such.

To conceive, develop, and implement technological solutions that meet clients' needs, there has always been a need to balance the innovative and technical aspects with creativity; just like painting a picture requires a canvas, brushes and a thorough study of artistic techniques, but also a good dose of creative inspiration.

If it is Digital Transformation and Innovation what we want to talk about, it is anachronistic to think of doing so while neglecting such a large market, population, and potential skills. But how and when can we discuss it? Our community "AI in Motion" was created precisely for this reason: to provide a virtual and physical space (have you taken a look at our upcoming events?) for men and women, professionals in the Pharma & Life Science sectors, enthusiasts, curious people, to come together, share their experiences, and receive high-level content on everything related to AI and digital innovation.

In a world where we rightly celebrate #WomenEqualityDay, the need for a sharing that transcends digital and social barriers is becoming increasingly urgent. Because Italy, Europe, and the whole world need Women Who Code.

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