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If I was to say: to be successful in Marketing “be an ant!”, how would you react?

Artificial Intelligence and Social Network: how to find the best match in the information age

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At first glance, it might seem like an unusual juxtaposition, but there is an incredible motive behind this choice: ants are extraordinary creatures, more than we can imagine. They possess a series of amazing qualities including:

  • The ability to lift up to 150 times its own weight;
  • An excellent order inside colonies;
  • A firm determination, driven by the belief in the payoff of hard work.

At this point, you might rightfully ask what the correlation between the above and Digital Marketing might be. Well, we’ll explore in detail these three bullet points; after all, patience is another quality... of an ant!

Power: a solid infrastructure and advanced technology

I’ll get straight to the point: without the right tools, implementing a 360° strategy able to encompass the Marketing Department needs is unthinkable. This can be said for the pharmaceutical industry too, which brings challenges as well as opportunities. In this context, digital has a fundamental role as a carrier of transformation. To tackle these challenges and make the most out of opportunities, building the strategy on a solid and innovative technological framework is essential. Here, AiDEA Marketing fully embodies this concept, as it combines the Microsoft Dynamics 365® infrastructure with Trueblue’s Artificial Intelligence, thus enabling planning and execution of omnichannel marketing strategies.

Orchestration: Marketing & Sales are colonies form the same Community

"When we talk about orchestration, we refer to the distribution and combination of different activities within a single 'orchestra,' specifically in the case of Marketing & Sales." Collaboration between these two departments is a key aspect to success since they complement each other and work together towards the same goal. This harmony can be achieved by implementing a Customer Journey that integrates marketing and sales activities, creating a seamless and personalized path.

Determination: the right approach is the heart of everything

It goes without saying that to achieve certain results, it is essential to adopt the right approach and a mindset that will enable you to look at the bigger picture of the strategic and operational steps to achieve your goals.

Naturally, even when it comes to Marketing, the potentials of AI are just around the corner: for example, by leveraging Artificial Intelligence algorithms it is possible to optimize communication channels. This means that every decision regarding marketing channels, whether it’s email, social media, adv and more, is supported and guided by AI to maximize the strategies’ impact and effectiveness. Moreover, AI-based predictive marketing capabilities help identify HCPs that require specific engagement. Using data analytics and machine learning, AI can identify patterns and preferences of individual users, pinpoint preferred interaction channels and thus benefit from more targeted and personalized interaction.

The final result? A mix of technological and strategical power

Integrating these three characteristics creates an advanced marketing ecosystem, where Marketing Automation main functionalities, enhanced and combined with AI, contribute to data-driven optimization of communication channels. This approach ensures efficiency in marketing activities and nurtures targeted HCP’s engagement.

Now, if you weren’t aware of these ants’ qualities and how they can represent such high potential, it might be time to carry on your journey here and let imagination flow a bit more.

“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety

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