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Digital Transformation in Pharma & Life Science: how does revolution of business processes happen?

The digital revolution as the real driver of change in Pharma & Life Science companies.

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How does a revolution begin? It starts with a spark, an event, an intuition, or the assimilation of a concept that completely changes the perspective on something that, until a few minutes ago, seemed to be working just fine. This is what has happened in recent years, partly because of the pandemic that has pushed the accelerator onto the digitalization of processes, inevitably impacting companies from different industries, Pharma & Life Science included.

Before all of this, were we aware of the potential of digital and its applications?

Absolutely, but a little over a year ago our perspective was oriented towards a non-immediate future, with a hint of curiosity usually expressed with a sentence like this: “interesting, we’ll see later on”. However, the “later on” came sooner than any of us could predict, and Digital Transformation became essential to continue working. Such a radical change requires attention from different perspectives.

The adoption phase – not every change is “digital”, but it needs to be “Agile”

Naturally, within a company, the first major change in adopting a new technology must occur in the mindset of top management, including the implementation of methodologies such as Agile.

Agile: is an approach that originated in the Software field and is based on goal-focused methodologies, as well as short and frequent releases to improve customer satisfaction and have greater control over the entire process (source). Despite its "technology" matrix origin, the principle of collaboration that expands into workflows promotes a set of values that can guide how a company operates.

We had the opportunity to discuss about this with Maria Giovanna Labbate – Managing Director of Gedeon Richter and Marcello Marchetti - Partner Technology Lead at Microsoft Italia – in our Video Podcast AIM Talks (you can listen here), and talked about how, only after top management fully embraces a new mindset, companies can start a process of cultural transformation on a larger scale, thus cascading through the whole organization. This is a long and delicate process that needs a new clear digital vision and careful planning.

Let’s be real: what makes technology effective?

The most real and tangible aspect we notice when talking about new IT technologies oriented towards the Pharma and Life Science markets concerns their use and the evaluation of the changes they brought, both in the relationship between companies and stakeholders and, in general, business models.

This results in the adoption of AI-based solutions that facilitate the implementation of omnichannel strategies and enable access to the right information at the right time.

Following this ‘red thread’ that encompasses an Agile approach (and everything that comes with it) along with technology innovation characterizing AI-solutions, AiDEA Suite was born, in collaboration with Microsoft, with the aim of supporting the entire business, from Top Management to Field Force.

With this in mind, are you ready to embrace the challenge of digital transformation and lead the Pharma & Life Science industries towards a future of success and innovation?

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