10 December 2020

How to Design IT Pharma Solutions

Developing winning IT solutions in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science market requires teamwork and listening skills: This is how we at Trueblue tackle the fundamental steps of our projects.

Developing IT solutions for the Pharma market today is a great challenge: we find ourselves in a world that is changing faster and faster, in which innovation (not only technological, but also in terms of process mentality and approach to work) becomes the metronome that marks the development of progress.

Where to start? Listen

We all know the enthusiasm when starting a new project, the thrill that leads us to create and develop amazing things. However, if you don’t talk to your customers and ask them the right questions before starting a new job, your work and commitment might be in vain.

As a matter of fact, we are always in a rush and we often make the mistake of not devoting enough time to the initial brief, yet expecting a flawless and functional project. Instead, you should always keep in mind that the first phase is the most important one, as only by listening to the requirements and needs of your customers you will have the chance to win right from the start. Remember that you are not creating for yourself but for the people who will use your product.

This assumption is also true for the Pharma & Life Science industry, which has a very peculiar market with a variegated audience that require an attentive users’ analysis. For example, many users – such as Sales Reps – often travel on business for conferences or interactions with HCPs. Other users – such as Sales & Marketing Managers or Customer Engagement Managers – daily consult business performance analyses and set up commercial and marketing strategies accordingly. Regardless of their role, however, all Pharma & Life Science users have one common need i.e. using cutting-edge and user-friendly solutions that make their lives easier.

Here comes UX into play! If you are wandering what UX (User Experience) design is, well you should know that there is no commonly accepted definition of it. In general, we could say that UX is the process of designing products that are easy, useful and fun to use. It is about enhancing the experience that people have while interacting with your solution and making sure your products provide a great benefit. And this is actually what we try to do every day here at Trueblue: to carefully analyze our Target customer by customer, to propose the best solutions in terms of both Visuals and Usability, thus improving users’ experience.

In fact, if we know that Pharma Companies’ needs are strictly related to their reference market, we also know that each Company is different. Therefore, we are always willing to listen to all requirements and to meet them in the most effective way and develop the right IT solutions for the Pharma market. How do we make it possible? Using our best weapon – Problem Solving.

How to act? Create an Adaptive & Responsive Design

In this world that is increasingly on the move, our users share one common need – to use multi-device solutions that integrate omni-channel features. This functionality allows us to create state-of-the-art designs specific for the use they are meant for. Being at the cutting edge often proves to be successful; this is why we try to satisfy customers by adapting the simple “Desktop View” to all available devices. On top of this, our team aims at designing layouts that are perfect for users in terms of both graphics and User Experience.

Our creative imagination often clashes with the implementation limits, though. For this reason, it is crucial to encourage an effective teamwork between designers and developers, where communication is the main actor. Cooperation and negotiation are indeed the key that lead to the creation of the best products.

This is why our products are the result of a deep synergy between the designers and developers, who work together to create products:

– In line with the needs of the customer

– In line with the industry trends

– Comfortable and user friendly

– Multi device

– Always up-to-date

Where to aim? At a WOW effect

Not only do we have know-how, experience and competence, but we also know how to best dress our products and services.

In fact, in a world where comfort and beauty go hand in hand, we are always looking for the best layouts to ensure not only that users enjoy all technical features of the product, but also to make the interface aesthetically pleasing and creating an optimal daily user experience. Don’t forget that even in IT, looks count!

We know we play an important role and therefore behind every choice of color, shape and font there is a meticulous study for a final ad-hoc rendering. In few words, in each project we put body and soul, pursuing an ambitious goal – a WOW feedback!

How do we do that? Teamwork

In our team, every single person is special because each of us designs and creates an essential component of the project, as in a puzzle every single piece makes up the whole image.

What distinguishes Trueblue, in fact, is that it is not made of numbers, but of People, recognized and appreciated for the added value they bring to the company. It’s thanks to great Teamwork that Trueblue’s products and services shine bright!

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