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Can AI and Work-Life Balance coexist? The answer is yes, even in Pharma & Life Sciences

Companies from different industries are talking about AI, but how is it truly perceived by people using it? And how can it support finding work-life balance in Pharma and Life Sciences?

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Nowadays, more and more companies from different industries are talking about Artificial Intelligence. If, on one hand, there is a vivid interest from the entrepreneur perspective, how is it truly perceived by people who use it?

Recently, Deloitte conducted a research to answer this question, looking at how Artificial Intelligence is perceived by Italians, both from a citizen and company stand point. The results were then presented during the Innovation Summit at MAXXI in Rome in November 2023, and the data acquired by Deloitte paints a clear picture: even though there still remains some doubts, expressed by 42% of respondents, the positive effects of AI cannot be overlooked, with 59% of companies saying they already implemented AI and over 40% stating they are willing to increase investments in the next three years.

This data is interesting to be considered from the perspectives of Pharma and Life Sciences industries. As a matter of fact, from Deloitte research, these two markets are in the forefront: 38% of respondents believe them to be a priority, putting much of their hopes on growth possibilities available to them thanks to AI.

With that being said, let’s now move on to another topic, just as essential, but not always talked about.

That’s right. This article won’t go into detail and analyze the data above, and the reason is simple: it’s safe to say that AI has established itself as support for research and development, or clinical trials regarding Pharma and Life Sciences industries specifically. What is not always highlighted is the potential of AI in daily work, and in strengthening the “human” aspect of every company.

In this article, the focus on AI switches to the pulsing heart of every company, its employees, and the ways in which it can support a more “human-oriented” perspective rather then a “sales-oriented” one.

AI loves Work-life balance: the key to success lays in working smarter, not harder

Each of you probably heard of the term work-life balance at least once. It’s a topic gaining more and more traction in companies. For example, some are keeping up with the hybrid working model or are experimenting with the introduction of the short working week.

The concept of work-life balance itself is quite broad, where work and professional career growth at times intertwine with personal life, our hobbies, time spent with loved ones or appointments outside of work. The hectic pace results in even more friction; children of a society which pushes us to be more efficient, risking, at times, to lose sight of those values enriching our everyday lives outside of work.

Hereby begins a journey of finding balance between personal life and professional growth. It’s not easy, and that’s where Artificial Intelligence poses itself as a great ally. Tech companies are not just innovation drivers developing advanced products that translate in competitive advantage for companies implementing them; they are much more than that.

Let’s take, for example, Copilot, the AI Companion developed by Microsoft. In a research conducted by the Big Tech, 27% of people said they spend a large amount of their time looking for information, and just half of it’s actually useful. Thus, Copilot is able to concretely optimize your time, by scanning the data-universe (emails, meeting notes, documents and also web pages), finding the information you were looking for in a few clicks.

In Trueblue we strongly believe this working model, where technology is truly supporting professionals, to be a near future. As a matter of fact, our company mission is to help and enhance the daily activities of those working in Pharma and Life Sciences markets, taking it a step further by revolutionizing their definition of “work”.

Pharma & Life Sciences: how are the rules of the game changing?

The concept of “work-life balance” does not prioritize an industry over another, because people are the heart of every company, and finding this balance concerns them directly. With its 20+ years of experience in Pharma and Life Sciences, Trueblue aims at addressing specific company needs, both strategic and operational, by positioning vertical solutions within these industries.

Among which, a clear example of how a technological tool can concretely play a role in finding this balance, is MyAiDEA: by leveraging the power of AI and working on top of the traditional CRM, it poses as a perfect ally and “companion” for Pharma and Life Sciences industries.

Now, let’s take a look at some best practices to find work-life balance and how MyAiDEA is the way to go:

  1. Optimize routine activities: planning calls and appointments is a frequent activity, just as it can potentially be subjected to slips or forgetfulness: MyAiDEA vocal assistant will plan for you, you just have to ask!
  2. Keep your activities organized: thanks to MyAiDEA minimal and intuitive design, your calendar will always be organized, with immediate visibility of your schedule. If plans chance, you can move or cancel activities with a touch, all in one app.
  3. Keep tack of your performance, stress-free: to have a clear picture of your commercial strategy efficiency you need data, but constantly keeping track of progress can become complicated; MyAiDEA provides you with insights at every step of the customer engagement process, optimizing your performance and giving you visibility of every interaction with HCPs, so you will always be aligned with your commercial goals.
  4. Let AI guide you: by working on top of the traditional CRM, MyAiDEA can quickly analyze data and suggest the best next steps for your strategy; keep in mind though, you are the decision maker, AI is the technology which, once you get to know it, will make you realize how valuable time is.

Now picture your daily work and think about how AI could really support you: be it in carrying out your activities, or looking for balance between the professional and personal sphere. However, keep in mind that you are and will always be the one calling the shots. 

Are you ready? Find out more about MyAiDEA potential!

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