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Behind the scenes of a Tech company: how innovation turns into reality in Pharma and Life Sciences

In the world we live in, technology has almost become a "scene" element. We are used to it, and downloading an app takes us just a few seconds. But, behind an app or software developed for Pharma and Life Sciences, there is more than what meets the eye.

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Dear readers of The TrAIbe, in this article we’d like to bring your attention to a topic that, when talking about digital innovation in Pharma & Life Sciences markets, doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves.

But first, a quick premise: in the world we live in, technology almost represents a “scene element” in our day to day, and the speed at which these new technologies are launched, ChatGPT and Generative AI included (to name the most recent ones), force Tech companies to not only be innovation pioneers, but also flexible and adaptable, keeping an open mind on what the future could bring.

That said, something that might not immediately stand out is that, behind an app we download with a simple click, there are teams of people working to give the user the best experience possible, keeping an eye on products’ performance and usability.

So, what are the main steps enabling the development of Tech products for Pharma & Life Sciences markets?

The Circular Revolution: Innovate, Create, Test, Test again, Repeat

It’s quite possible that, at least once in your life, you downloaded an app to then delete it from your device after a short period of time. Sure enough, it seems like 71% of users delete an app in the first 90 days of usage, due to bugs, glitches or maybe for reasons related to the User Experience.

We know, no one is perfect, technology included. But when it comes to markets as highly specific as Pharma & Life Sciences, where companies have to find a middle ground between strict rules and the need to innovate, while being able to leverage their data to develop effective commercial strategies, well, the ability to embrace this circular revolution, based on Agile principles, becomes fundamental.

It’s not a coincidence that, according to the IEEE Computer Society, accurately testing an app or software before its release on the market, not only ensures it functions as expected, but also that it adheres to industry and compliance standards, consequently reducing project risks. Moreover, testing enables developers to ensure the best experience for the final user.

Our work doesn’t stop there. At Trueblue, “Software testing” goes beyond preparing for a product release: that is, we strongly believe in having a reliable and fixed testing plan as the core to preserve and facilitate technology innovation. In turn, this enables and supports Pharma and Life Sciences companies in their journey towards digital transformation and leveraging AI capabilities, progressively enhancing their competitiveness on the market.

It is now time we give you a peek behind-the-scenes at how we strive to pursue our mission in technology revolution in Pharma and Life Sciences, while always keeping true to a human approach.

Technology that fits Pharma & Life Sciences like a glove

Times and times again, in Trueblue, we asked ourselves the question of how we could improve the daily work of commercial teams, taking up great challenges to bring on the market a solution which is not only verticalized, but also capable of rapidly adapting to different and specific needs of each company.

How do we make this possible? As mentioned before, the circular revolution to face small technological imperfections is, to us, one of the principles of innovation. Thanks to our resilience and a partner such as Sofy, capable of understanding the mission Trueblue carries on, we reduced testing times of our solution by 75%, allowing us to focus more on feedback both from the market and our clients, designing scalable solutions capable of reaching different business goals.

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