1 December 2020

Artificial Intelligence, Smart Work and Process Revolution: Trueblue talks about the Challenge of Covid

Find out how Trueblue has reinvented internal processes, restructured communication and developed new ways to interface with clients during Covid-19.

Italy’s suffering in the field of digital has been portrayed rather mercilessly in the latest DESI report, which has relegated our Country to the lowest in the class among the others in the European Union. However, there is no lack of excellence; the one we are talking about today has its heart in Veneto and supports companies of greater size, such as large pharmaceutical companies.

Smart working and process revolution

Trueblue has roots in Verona and has been working in the field of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence for Pharma & Life Sciences for over 25 years. During the pandemic, many companies have been forced to react to an unexpected and unforeseen situation. But the way in which Trueblue reacted to the Coronavirus – reinventing internal processes, restructuring communication and finding new ways to interface with clients – is a virtuous example and is the topic of today’s LinkedInterview.

Smart working and process revolution

Precisely because of the scale of the consequences of this unpredictable situation, we took stock of the situation with the various company managers: Luca Dal Bò HR Manager, Ricardo Marques VP Sales & Marketing, Marco Bonesini CEO & Co-Founder, Michele Barana COO & Co-Founder. 

“We have accelerated our investments in MARC and artificial intelligence because we believe that COVID has transmitted us the need to change our habits, going more and more towards digital communication. This is made possible only through tools and solutions that facilitate adoption and therefore the transition towards change.” Michele Barana, COO & Co Founder

In terms of Human Resources, what experience did you have during the most complicated period of the pandemic? What have you brought back from these months?

Answer by Luca Dal Bò, HR Manager

What impact has there been on your customers and partners during this period? Have you had to adapt or re-adapt any solutions? 

Answer by Ricardo Marques, VP Sales & Marketing

As a digital company, did some projects have to undergo acceleration or change due to a predictable increased use of multi-channel tools?

Answer by Michele Barana, COO & Co-Founder

How important is it to guide companies, from a technological point of view, on a path of change?

Answer by Marco Bonesini, CEO & Co-Founder

“Our innovative solutions are the result of important and constant investments in research and development and of know-how matured in over 25 years of activity. This is how Trueblue looks to the future, helping its customers to find their way in a new business context and accompanying them in the path of change.” Marco Bonesini, CEO & Co-Founder

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