Servizi Trueblue

Helping customers reinvent their business for the digital age by driving the digital transformation.

Customer Support

Users' Support

Support (how-to-use) to the Sales force’s daily activities to offer the most valuable experience using Trueblue's systems.

New Implementations Management

Analysis of customers’ needs to take the steps necessary for improving business and meeting legal requirements. Post-release support in using the system.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Daily control and monitoring of our systems to guarantee the utmost quality of service.

Technical Consulting

Contact with our customers' third-party suppliers for interfacing data exchange to and from Trueblue's systems.

Constant Learning

Internal language training for our consultants to ensure better communication in innovative technologies and provide state-of-the-art support.

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Training Trueblue


Training customized to your needs

We personalize our training to meet your business needs. Roleplay and practical exercises guarantee full involvement of all participants.

Internal Training

We train your team of experts to facilitate the in-house implementation of our products. We will make you grow from power users to specialists of Trueblue's solutions, on both technical and functional levels.

Trueblue's Expertise

Our experienced training team are experts in Trueblue products – Both on a technical and on a functional level. Their training is simple, easy-to-learn and business-oriented.

In-person or Online Training

We offer our training in-person to ensure complete understanding of our products. Our courses are available F2F or online, allowing greater flexibility.


Security and Protection for your Business

Trueblue’s Cloud service is supported by data centre technologies. The focus is on Security and Uptime of the service. These two key aspects are guaranteed by ISO 27001 certification and a TIER III certification infrastructure.

Team of experts at your service

Our dedicated staff work to maintain the highest levels of infrastructure and applications uptime with a “near zero” downtime risk.

Ready for GDPR

Security and organizational measures to support your business by following the best-practices of the European GDPR regulation (EU 2016/679).

Shared responsibility

The security of Trueblue’s cloud respects the shared responsibility model. Trueblue is responsible for ensuring and maintaining the security of its applications and collaborates with its customers, who are thus aware of the need to apply security controls and processes within their organization.

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