MyAiDEA App CRM for Pharma & Life Sciences

New Generation of AI-Driven Multichannel Engagement to get the most out of your data and boost your commercial strategy with Actionable Insights.

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Your Challenges our Solutions

Revolutionize the way Pharma & Life Sciences companies do business everyday with MyAiDEA, by enhancing traditional legacy commercial systems with Artificial Intelligence and digital tools, to enable smart multichannel customer engagement in an integrated ecosystem.

Complex Challenge, simple solution: MyAiDEA is the app that works on top of the Traditional CRM with an AI-Driven approach.

Principal Use Cases

Icon The Power of Ai
The power of AI

Leverage the strength of Artificial Intelligence to enhance daily life for your Field Force - make every activity more efficient!

Icon Smart Approach
Smart approach

Enable your Field Force to have smart and personalized interactions with HCPs.

Icon Actionable Insights
Actionable insights

Get the most out of your omnichannel strategy and provide actionable insights, derived from an integrated data foundation, to facilitate a 360° view of your HCPs.

Icon Ai Voice Assistant
AI Voice Assistant

Let your on-the-go Field Force take advantage of a voice enabled, AI tool, that provides easy interpretation of vast amounts of data, with visualization and user-experience at its core.

Key Features & Capabilities

Key Features & Capabilities
Vocal interaction as a core functionality
Key Features & Capabilities
Omnichannel tracking and communication
Key Features & Capabilities
Activity scheduling, customer management, call plan, reports available in real time
Key Features & Capabilities
Quick and accessible real-time market intelligence
Key Features & Capabilities
AI driven suggestions in a single pane of glass
Key Features & Capabilities
User-friendly experience to increase adoption
Key Features & Capabilities
Hybrid user experience across multiple devices
Key Features & Capabilities
On demand HCP suggested interactions
Key Features & Capabilities
Call & Route Plan optimization
Key Features & Capabilities
Actionable Performance Insights
Key Features & Capabilities
Expenses & Samples Management
Key Features & Capabilities
RTE (Rep Triggered Emails) & Marketing Integration
Key Features & Capabilities
HC* segmentation and rating

Enhancing your CRM with an AI-Driven Approach: Discover the Results in our Case Study

Case Study

Enhancing Pharma Efficiency: Empowering Sales REPs with on-demand insights and AI-driven suggestions
Drive territory growth and optimize field force performance with MyAiDEA, our next-generation mobile customer engagement app.

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