14 February 2022

If I told you “Be an ant!” to succeed in Marketing, how would you react?

AI Marketing for Pharma: what are the challenges and opportunities for 2022? Let’s explore the key points for an effective strategy!

AI Marketing for Pharma

At first glance it may seem like a rather strange comparison, but there is a more than valid reason behind it: well, you should know that ants are more extraordinary animals than you think. In fact, ants have many qualities, including:

  • the ability to lift up to 150 times their own weight;
  • an excellent organization within their colonies;
  • they are determined, driven by the conviction that hard work will allow them to achieve their goals.

At this point it would be more than fair to ask what this comparison has to do with Digital Marketing. We will now explore these three points in detail, after all patience is another characteristic… of an ant! 😉

Power: a solid infrastructure and advanced technology

I’ll get straight to the point: without the right tools, implementing a strategy that covers all the needs of a Marketing Department is unthinkable today. This is because the current scenario, also and especially for the pharmaceutical market, offers multiple challenges and opportunities, of which Digital represents the fundamental driver, that to be addressed becomes necessary to lay the foundations on a technological system that is both stable and innovative. In this sense, the AiDEA Marketing structure fully represents this concept, as it combines the Microsoft Dynamics 365® infrastructure with Trueblue’s Artificial Intelligence, to allow the planning and execution of Digital Marketing strategies in a multi-channel perspective.

Orchestration: Marketing & Sales are colonies of the same community

When we talk about orchestration, we mean the distribution and combination of several activities within a single “orchestra”, in this case represented by the Marketing & Sales Departments. The collaboration of the two represents a key element for success, as they complete each other, working together to achieve the same goal. A demonstration of this harmony becomes concrete in the implementation of a Customer Journey, which includes both activities of one and the other, and is organized and designed to create an increasingly fluid and personalized journey.

AI Marketing for Pharma

Determination: the right approach is the basis of everything

To achieve specific results, of course, you need the right approach and a change of mindset that will allow you to take a comprehensive view of the strategic and operational steps to achieve your goals. If you want to know how, we’ll talk about this and much more during our next event on February 23rd “AI Marketing for Pharma 2022” , during which we’ll deepen the key issues for Marketing in Pharma for this new year and share the real potential of our AiDEA Marketing solution in an interactive DEMO.

“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety

Elisa Valentino – Content Marketing & Social Media Executive

AI Marketing for Pharma
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