3 August 2021

Digital Transformation for Pharma & Life Sciences: a two-sided coin towards the work process revolution

When talking about Digital Transformation within companies, we tend to consider both the effects and the changes it brings to the work processes that relate to the outside world. In reality, a revolution, to be such, must start from the heart of the company

La Digital Transformation nel Pharma

How does a revolution begin? With a spark, an event, an idea or the assimilation of a concept that transforms the vision of something that, until a few minutes before, could work even like that.

This is what happened last year as a result of the pandemic and all that followed – we are well aware of it – within companies in the Pharma & Life Sciences fields. Before all this, did we know about digital and its possible applications? For sure, we did. However, until last year, it all boiled down to “interesting, we’ll see for the near future”. Then comes Covid19 and at that point Digital Transformation becomes a fundamental element for being able to continue to do one’s job. But a change of this magnitude needs to be taken care of from multiple points of view.

The Adoption phase – not all Changes are Digital

Of course, within a company, the first major change when it comes to the adoption of a new technology must occur in the mindset of the top management. We talked about it together with Valeria De Flaviis – Head of Innovative Models in Novartis Italy, as part of our podcast, discussing the fact that, only after this new mindset is acquired at the top, does it become possible to start working on a broader cultural transformation, thus cascading throughout the organization. This is a long and delicate process, which needs the definition of a new clear digital vision and to be carefully planned.

Digital Transformation in Pharma

But let’s face it: what are the characteristics of a truly effective innovative technology solution?

The most real and tangible aspect that we can see when we talk about new technologies in the IT field aimed at the pharmaceutical and life science markets, concerns the use of these technologies and the changes they have brought to the relationship between companies and stakeholders and in general to business models.

This translates into the use of Artificial Intelligence solutions, able to facilitate the implementation of omni-channel strategies while allowing access to the right information at the right time. AiDEA, the Smart Customer Engagement solution developed by Trueblue in cooperation with Microsoft, was designed and created following these principles, aiming to support the daily working activities, from Top Management to the Field Force.

High technology based on a solid infrastructure, the use of intelligent insights when defining the strategy to be followed, 360° operational support within the company: these are three factors that, if well managed, can make the difference in terms of improving performance and achieving objectives.

La Digital Transformation nel Pharma
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