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Technology AI Solutions for a Smarter Customer Engagement in Pharma & Life Sciences driven by AI

Discover AiDEA Suite

Data warehousing technology to enhance your analytics capabilities with real-time, predictive insight

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Go beyond your CRM by leveraging AI to engage effectively with your HCPs

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The added value of a combination of deep industry knowledge with advanced technological expertise to accelerate innovation

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We Give Voice to People Who Believe in AI's Value for Pharma & Life Sciences Industries


"When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, there is a fear that Human Intelligence may be replaced by AI. We are embarking on an extraordinary journey of Change Management, and what makes me proudest is the fact that, today, people who use MyAiDEA find it an extraordinary tool for amplifying and maximizing performance."

Tiziana Mele​ | Managing Director​ at Lundbeck
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"AI-based technologies and solutions are game changers in today’s market, in every industry and, especially, in the pharmaceutical one, where data must be organized quickly in a functional way. Companies need to fully understand the opportunities generated by AI-based tools."

Matteo Mille | Chief Marketing Officer Microsoft Italia
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"Agile was born from Software. Collaboration among multiple partners is crucial. In my opinion, if we could truly achieve what we envision in this three-way partnership with Trueblue, ourselves, and Microsoft, the result would be something that not only benefits Gedeon Richter but also greatly assists in understanding and predicting many aspects of the pharmaceutical industry that we struggle to comprehend quickly."

M. Giovanna Labbate | Managing Director at Gedeon Richter Italia
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"The whole world of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will allow us to not get lost in the work routine, but rather to specialize and evolve in what truly matters and what really comes from the help of Artificial Intelligence. Just as the calculator has spared us from getting lost in calculus, AI will enable us to focus on what truly counts."

Andrea Pecci | Head of Data, Digital & Technology Takeda Italia
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"To us MyAiDEA, and the work that Trueblue is doing with us, is exactly what we define as the ecosystem that enables us to implement the industry-specific approach."

Maria Pelucchi | ISV Strategy and Business Lead Microsoft Italy
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When people ask me ‘Which technologies did you use to implement Artificial Intelligence at Merck?', I always answer that AI is a commodity. People and cultural change make the real difference.

Alessandro De Luca | Group CIO, Head of Information Technology at Merck Group
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How we stay ahead

Generative AI - The Forefront of Innovation for Pharma & Life Sciences

Empower Pharma & Life Sciences Growth by Transforming the Way of Working at Multiple Levels

We Speed Up the Daily Work of Pharma & Life Sciences Commercial teams.
Principal use cases:
Call planning
Linked data
AiDEA Sales
With AiDEA Retail Software for Pharma & Life Sciences we provide the best user experience.
Principal use cases:
Get AI-suggestions
Order Management
Collect Customer Data
Aligned strategy
AiDEA Retail
Manage and execute impactful Pharma & Life Sciences events with our all-in-one platform.
Principal use cases:
Data integration
Budget allocation
Ownership strategy
Team alignment
AiDEA Event
Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation for Pharma & Life Sciences.
Principal use cases:
Dynamic Segmentation
Content Strategy
personalized Journeys
Channel Optimisation
AiDEA Marketing
New Generation of AI-Driven Multichannel Engagement.
Principal use cases:
The power of AI
Smart approach
Actionable insights
AI Voice Assistant
Lay the Foundation to Become An AI Driven Company.
Principal use cases:
Sales Efficiency
Portfolio Analysis
Target achievement
Channel impact
What makes us unique

AI technology for Smart Customer Engagement in Pharma & Life Sciences

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