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Actionable Insights

Ready to go! Transforming data into actionable insights across your organization

Understand the drivers of success and root causes of the business performance, improve your business by connecting the dots across the Company focusing on meaningful key performance indicators

Powerful analytics to identify accurate and actionable strategic insights and solid action-plan building to drive performance to the next level. Exploit your market data, territory performances, multichannel engagement plans and finance data in the most effective way and quickly find areas of improvement and priority of action, also leveraging on an enhanced and interactive User Experience.


Ready to use

Ready-to-use set of report templates for the most relevant Pharma functions (Commercial Excellence, Sales, Finance, HR, …)

Data integration

Leverages Trublue's Pharma data model to provide a robust integration of the data sources used by the Pharma companies

Wide KPI library

An omni-comprehensive set of KPIs to choose from, already built-in our model

Market & Territorial Insights

Understand the Market competitive landscape and how it is evolving taking into account market potential, therapeutic areas, molecules, competitors and brands.

Enhance performance through the identification of actionable strategic insights based on sales force activity, territorial resources management, sales performance and evolution.

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Customer Engagement Insights

Monitor and track Customer engagement by embracing a holistic view on the Customer. Our proprietary metric, Customer Engagement Score (CES) measures the contribution of each single communication channel to the overall performance, and the correlation between engagement and business performance.

CES enables a 360° Customer engagement tracking and planning by combining several elements, such as number of channels we use to interact, channel context, engagement frequency and engagement richness and impact.

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Finance Insights

How to extract the most of your ERP system? Our Finance Insights solution allows data ingestion from the most common ERP systems allowing the creation of a unified perspective around financial performance. If one or more affiliates are using a different Local ERP system, or their data is not contained in the Corporate ERP instance, local affiliates will be able to directly create a connector to map their data in the common model.

Sales overview, target achievements, Gross to Net performance, profitability analysis, headcount comparison, product focus, A&P analysis,... are all pre-configured in our solution.

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