21 October 2021

Data Science: the new IT resource with infinite potential

A short brief on today’s IT challenges and how they are being addressed.

Data Science

If you thought you’d find an article that aimed to provide definitions of terms such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Analytics, you’re not in the right place: today on the Internet you can find many blogs and valid insights that can exhaustively define the meaning and their relative application. So how does this blog differ?

In the next few minutes, you’ll read not only how a Data Science Team moves in a company that operates in a specific market such as the pharmaceutical one, but you’ll also have a taste of the new solutions developed to meet the customer’s needs and allow them to complete the challenges they face every day.

Specifically, the Data Science Team possesses extraordinary observational skills, aimed at identifying problems through a set of data, then developing solutions and consequently implementing them: all of this is performed in-house by Trueblue’s Data Science team, which consists of a small group of well-qualified professionals focused on generating concrete and tangible value for our customers.

While we of course love to take care of our customers and meet the specific requests that are submitted to us, we believe that identifying any issues by proactively looking at the data and developing solutions to address those issues outlines an approach that can generate even greater customer satisfaction by naturally highlighting the statistical evidence that constitutes the underlying problem. This methodology involves rigorous hypothesis testing through which, once a valid problem is defined, it goes through an internal roadshow to gather opinions from various stakeholders within the company.

Data Science

Our Approach – how to generate value

Various marketing analytics methods and models, some of which are quite recent, have been built using the approach just described and successfully deployed to generate that hitherto vaunted value for our clients. Some examples of such solutions are:

– Optimization of potential interactions.

– Identification of potential products using market share and competitive analysis: The model is able to provide in-field insights, whereby products provide the potential to increase market share. The solution has far-reaching implications, from content recommendation to up-sell.

– Product Recommendation Systems

Our Team works in continuous synergy with everything that has to do with Innovation, Research and Development, which is always growing and evolving: this allows us to constantly develop new fascinating Machine Learning and AI solutions.

Nagesh Kommuri – Data Scientist

Data Science
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