10 April 2021

Why AiDEA?

A new Paradigm for the Life Science world. Discover the Reasons that led to the development of AiDEA.

This is actually a twofold question as it can be answered in two different ways. The first is linked to the choice of the name “AiDEA”, while the second refers to the real motivation that led to the creation of AiDEA, our innovative Smart Customer Engagement solution.

Behind the story at the basis of AiDEA lies the current need of Digital Transformation and the related acceleration that it has brought within companies, which have been gaining more and more ground and introducing a whole series of complexities that are increasingly difficult to manage.

This is why we were willing to introduce a new paradigm, a new working system that would not simply optimize or improve the working system, but would radically change it, leading to a systemic improvement in the performance of the different activities, from multiple points of view.

The new Paradigm

To best explain what we have achieved in Trueblue, we like to refer to one of the most revolutionary sporting episodes of the 1900s. The sport is High Jumping, which at the time used the Straddle Technique.

But at some point during the Olympic Games in Mexico City, Richard Forsbury decided to experiment with a new type of jump, by performing it on his back. At that moment, the American athlete completely overturned a well-known paradigm, achieving excellent results. Needless to say, this technique was then adopted all over the world.

This perfectly embodies what Trueblue has achieved with AiDEA by introducing the concept of Artificial Intelligence at the heart of everything and the extensive use of “AI” in all functions.

This is where the name of our innovative Smart Customer Engagement solution comes from: our ‘idea’ of a new paradigm based precisely on AI. The potential of Artificial Intelligence is also used to change the paradigm with which users interact with devices (vocally or by receiving proactive suggestions), making it radically simplified and, consequently, introducing a new paradigm also in terms of usability.

It is also crucial to take into account the increasingly rapid change affecting the landscape of IT solutions: in particular, two key elements are relevant from our point of view. The first is the one already highlighted above, i.e. Artificial Intelligence: the world is constantly talking about AI, we ourselves are talking about AI, but we are still using it as a gimmick, something to be added or considered for certain functionalities, not as a concrete foundation. On the contrary, in the near future Artificial Intelligence will be at the basis of all the systems we will use, as it is already for AiDEA.

Platform Era

The second aspect concerns broader issues such as the Cloud and infrastructures in general. In fact, soon the “Cloud-Era” will give way to the Platform-Era and for most of our needs we will refer to platforms in the cloud, which will be at the base of everything. Trueblue has already followed this revolution by choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365® platform as a solid base on which to develop its solutions.

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