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Customer engagement insights Trueblue

29th Sep 2020

Customer Engagement Insights | How to measure interactions and improve business results

English | 46 min

MARC Trueblue intelligenza artificiale

7th May 2020

M.A.R.C. Empowering Sales Engagement leveraging the power of AI

English | 46 min

Trueblue data analycal platform

5th May 2020

Trueblue's Data Analytical Platform | Make the most of our capabilities

English | 43 min

Webinar - aumentare sales force effectiveness

5th May 2020

Multichannel Customer Engagement | How to close the gap between Strategy and Execution

English | 45 min

Trueblue - ottimizzare processi di vendita

17th September 2020

Customer Engagement Insights | Cómo medir la interacción y optimizar el rendimiento

Spanish | 45 min

Webinar Trueblue Business strategy

16th September 2020

Proceso de Segmentación | Del Call-Plan al Engagement-Plan

Spanish | 42 min

MARC assistente virtuale Trueblue

2nd April 2020

M.A.R.C | IA aplicada en el canal farmacia

Spanish | 35 min

5th May 2020

Potenciar el compromiso de ventas aprovechando el poder de la IA

Spanish | 36 min

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