Trueblue passes the Sunshine Act test bench with flying colours

The bill in favour of Transparency passes to the Chamber

With the result of 377 votes in favour and no votes against, the Chamber has approved the Sunshine Act – the bill that provides for the introduction of transparency obligations with respect to data of collective interest in relations between suppliers and health professionals. The bill now goes to the Senate.


The objective is to prevent corruption involving the health industry and to fully embrace the Transparency principle, by requiring compulsory disclosure of disbursements of money, goods, services and other benefits made by a supplying company to a person who operates in this industry, when it has a unit value above €50 or an annual total value greater than €500.


Trueblue’s product Blue Events has already integrated and configured a module managing the Sunshine Act (currently active in other countries, such as France), to adapt to Italian compliance.


For more than 10 years Trueblue has been focusing on the development of a specific solution for the management of promotional activities and transparency (ToV), capable of optimizing and automating all processes related to events, thus increasing the business level competence of involved actors.