Trueblue mentioned by Gartner in four areas of innovative solutions for Pharma & Life Science

Verona, 04/09/2019 – After the success achieved in Gartner’s June report, where Trueblue was named as the only European company and one of the world top players as far as concerns Artificial Intelligence solutions in the field of “Decision Support for sales representatives” (see post), we are proud to have seen that in Gartner’s report of August 2019 Trueblue’s products were listed in four different areas among the ideal solutions for companies operating in the Pharma & Life Science field.

The following are the analysis areas mentioned by Gartner:

Life Science Account Management and Selling | Analysis by: Animesh Gandhi

Key Opinion Leader Management | Analysis by: Animesh Gandhi

Web-Based E-Detailing | Analysis by: Animesh Gandhi

Life Science Commercial Analytics | Analysis by: Animesh Gandhi

In addition to the previous analysis on Artificial Intelligence solutions:

Decision Support for sales representatives | Analyst(s): Animesh Gandhi