Your business strategies.

Analytics as a Service

Does your system let you create and use immediate and functional dashboards for all your corporate departments?

Support for corporate governance: Trueblue provides a Dashboard model that lets top management of pharmaceutical companies take aware strategic decisions based on internal and external information and sources.

User Experience

Does your model let you optimize the User Experience to speed up comprehension, interaction and comparison of the most relevant data and information?

“At-a-glance” data comprehension: customized User Experience and Visual Excellence incorporated in design phases help quick comparison of data and more streamlined and linear use.

Multi View Data Analysis

Does your analytics model let you quickly and intuitively compare information tied to trends for product lines in different countries and on different markets?

Real time: The True Dashboard model lets you base your strategic decisions by providing you with data in the shortest possible time, strategically planning refreshes and updates.

Our model

The True Dashboard module is aimed at stakeholders and final Head Office and Corporate users, focusing on creation of dashboards and analytics systems that aggregate reports, schedules and data analysis tools designed and created starting from the more relevant business questions for Head Office users.
Application of the model follows a panel of best practices regarding data display, consolidated User Experience and User Interaction to facilitate quick and simple comparison of all corporate data coming from both internal and external sources.
The model is able to manage customizable levels of aggregation with real-time data drill-down and drill-up possibilities, ensuring optimal management of information visibility: geographically (corporate, national, regional), temporally (YTD, MAT, MQT) and for business areas (therapeutic areas, molecules, products).


Aggregation of data sources

The module supports top management that needs macro information regarding corporate target and business results trends and achievements. These tools provide key information for improved management of those processes that monitor results, compliance with forecasts/budgets and definition and reshaping of corporate targets.

Profit & loss analysis

A quick and easy-to-use tool for top management, allowing quick integration and comparison of costs and investments occurred as well as benefits in terms of commercial positioning, even from a commercial and financial standpoint.
The model provides supporting analysis for Profit & Loss management process using dedicated views to compare costs, investments and profitability both at macro levels and with dedicated views by countries, lines and therapeutic areas.


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