Analysis of your targets


Does your system permit a detailed analysis of all your sales targets?

Achievement monitoring: True BI.Retail fosters those pharmaceutical companies that want to enhance monitoring of achievement of their sales targets.


Have you thought about how to deepen your all-round customer knowledge and how to plan your promotional activities?

Strategic knowledge of the territory: Achieved thanks to in-depth analyses and all-round customer targeting systems. This tool enables efficient planning of activities, identifies sales priorities and also monitors competitors and stakeholders.


Do you know how to monitor the qualitative and impact/ROI effects of your campaigns?

Promotional campaigns and activities: Constant monitoring of field force activities and trends in sales and in corporate strategies. Trueblue not only provides data but also gives you a process to analyze insights and reports that support and assist decision-making by pharmaceutical companies.

Our model

The True BI.Retail analytical model is a Data Warehouse model as well as a Visual Intelligence system, composed of traditional reporting and Power BI interactive dashboards. Both are able to show and analyze all sales data, sales and promotional campaigns trends. The model specifically incorporates all the Power BI analyses designed to analyze retail business requirements, organizing analyses on multiple levels – from the field force to Head Office – focusing on achievement of targets, promotional activities and marketing campaigns. The model, therefore, permits a pharmaceutical company to strengthen its ability to monitor sales force targets and achievements for Head Office and to get a more strategic knowledge of the territory where the agents work as well as to increase experience regarding customers, the effectiveness of interactions and, as a consequence, the turnover.


Integration of Retail & User Friendly data

All Retail data can be integrated with data from the pharmaceutical company and its functions. This includes sales data, profiling, personal information and sales targets. The model is easy to use, interactive, mobile first and multidevice, user friendly, actionable and aligned with the corporate business requirements.

Multichannel analytical model for Retail divisions

The model includes analysis of data for all activities as well as integration of digital channels and cross-information between RX and OCT lines.

Retail Analysis

True BI.Retail analyses also include: impact of promotional campaigns, analysis of actual sales compared with potential sellable at the end of the campaigns, extra discount analyses, full time management and sales forecasts. These analyses not only analyze campaign trends and ROI but also identify campaigns with similar and subsequent characteristics.


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