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Do you have a system that lets you aggregate, analyze and cross-check data coming from different sources and analyze your market strategies?

Model: Trueblue provides a unique and flexible model with the highest level of data integration and a widest library of KPIs, Dashboards, connectors, already available and consolidated.


Do you know how to increase your Commercial Excellence and how to evaluate the sales force effort management of your Pharmaceutical company?

Strategic evaluation: Trueblue Business Intelligence, by providing a complete outline of all indicators, assists the process of analyzing the effectiveness and sustainability of corporate strategies, including analyses of overspending, call planning processes, sell in, sell out, event cost/investment analyses, OTC turnover/order reports, cross-check reports, sales data, ERP, CRM etc.


Does your system let you independently analyze and monitor data coming from your reports and configure dashboards and KPIs?

Monitoring: Constant monitoring of field force activities and sales trends and corporate strategies. Trueblue not only provides you with data but also with a process that lets you analyze insights and reports that support and assist decision-making by pharmaceutical companies.

Our Model

The True BI.Pharma analytical solution consists of an accelerator model that aggregates and cross-checks data coming from various sources including SAP, CRM and sales data. The model provides a process including a library of more than 150 KPIs and specific analyses and reports, already available, configurable and customizable according to corporate requirements and strategies and which can be consulted in full autonomy.


Optimized Times and costs

The Trueblue system is a pre-built model which, thanks to its library of connectors to all data sources, ensures high speed implementation times and abatement of fixed costs.

Flexibility and automation

The Trueblue analytical model is a Business Reporting service specific for the pharmaceutical world only. It can be consulted using the main BI technologies on the market.

Data updating and log management

Data is automatically updated and validated in real time and is available at all corporate levels, consultable from fixed and mobile devices. Data is also easily exported in Excel and comes with complete management of data log including structure changes.


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