Your analyses of promotional events


Does your system help you assess the impact of your events and all of your promotional initiatives by combining multichannel data and results analysis?

Multicross analysis: The combination of data coming from different communication channels of the pharmaceutical representatives can be integrated with data and insights related to promotional initiatives. This lets the company assess and implement targeted and customized corporate strategies available at cross-department levels.


Do you know how to monitor your budget, costs and savings?

Consultation: Data related to event costs and budgets can be analyzed and consulted by all levels and in-field and in function of roles. This permits refined monitoring of investments in events and budgets on a territorial level and according to therapeutic area.


Does your tool have KPIs and reports focused on Transparency & Compliance?

Transparency: True BI.Events includes EFPIA reporting and the related HCP privacy consent in compliance with Farmindustria guidelines, including aggregation of all costs borne by the pharmaceutical company related to organization of CME and other events.

Our model

The True BI.Events analytical solution includes a set of tools and instruments that let pharmaceutical companies analyze data on Transparency & Compliance and on the impact of promotional initiatives and events. It consists of a model that provides cross analyses available to several corporate divisions. The system also helps monitor event budgets and costs and provides an analysis regarding the participation rate and a smart selection of possible participants based on analysis of preferences and on the history of their participation in initiatives.


Smart Selection

The True BI.Events analytical system includes a smart selection suggestion tool dedicated to Area Managers and which gives a selection of the stakeholders most interested in promotional initiatives. This analysis is done based on parameters that also include participation rate and engagement in events as well as simultaneous follow-up of visits and initiatives with integration of profiling information.

HCP profiling

The tool profiles healthcare professionals thanks to analysis of costs, investments and segmentation of participants. This helps corporate management to make assessments regarding the investment effort and identify the best target to be involved in events and promotional initiatives.

EFPIA report and transparency analysis

The Trueblue EFPIA Report automates creation of transparency analyses and enables to aggregate data of those who did not give their privacy consent or to analyze individual datum when the healthcare professional has, on the contrary, given his consent to data publication.


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