Your corporate targets


Are you able to have accurate and omni-comprehensive indications on how your corporate performance is evolving?

A single access point to monitor corporate performances: The product lets you think, design and develop dashboards to monitor high level corporate performances with a drill-down possibility going down to the desired level of detail.


Do you have all the information you need to analyze corporate results, both in terms of achieving effectiveness and efficiency targets and of adherence to strategic planning targets?

Integration of data sources: The product includes a mapping process for required information, identifying the data sources to be integrated and preparing optimized data uploading processes complying with Corporate level information requirements.


Do you have an unambiguous comparison method that lets you effectively compare corporate macro-results across different geographical areas, product lines and corporate divisions?

Centralized analytical process: The product includes identification of the most relevant elements for monitoring overall corporate strategy and for creation of a clear, shared and unambiguous analysis process that enables quick and significant analyses and comparisons between trends of different corporate areas.

Our model

True BI.Corporate permits aggregate level analysis of corporate performances by creating dedicated analysis paths for users at the Corporate level that take specific information requirements into account.

The product consists of a series of Corporate level dedicated Dashboards and reporting tools which can be customized according to users’ requirements (from C-Level to Corporate BI Analyst), completely integrated with corporate management systems.


The product also provides for implementation of a dedicated analytical process used to browse the analyses and effectively monitor the trend of overall performances and check correct implementation of the strategy throughout the entire company.


The module also minimizes the time spent searching for information in the corporate Business Intelligence systems by creating a single access point to monitor Key Success Factors and the relevant KPIs set by the company’s overall strategy.


Dedicated analytical process

Development of a guided path used to identify trends, quickly monitor the alignment of activities with the corporate strategy and promptly analyze deviations from targets set at the Corporate level.

Standardization of the analysis process

Creation of an unambiguous analysis model centrally conveyed at the Corporate level and which permits maximizing management efficiency of analysis processes shared by Corporate and Local entities. This model makes it possible to analyze trends, perform benchmarking and identify best practices, promptly identifying the need to intervene and any potential opportunities.

Integration of information from corporate and third-party data sources

Integration of information flows coming from all necessary sources, using processes and models for data uploading both from in-house data sources, such as ERP and CRM, and from external data sources (Third-Party data management). This approach also includes harmonization and alignment of the underlying data sources while meeting, at the same time, Corporate level requirements in terms of availability speed and the certification and security of the information being managed.

Monitoring of budgeting and forecasting processes and corporate targets

Creation of an effective tool for management and analysis of processes of budgeting, forecasting and monitoring of target achievement. TRUEBI.CORPORATE enables an immediate and significant comparison between corporate results and budgets, forecasts and corporate targets at all necessary analysis levels (country vs country, therapeutic areas, lines, products).

Customizable user experience & user interface

Multilevel and multidevice usability with special focus on optimization for use by tablets and smartphones and on information security management at different hierarchical levels.

Customization and use of communication and graphic styles aligned with centrally set guidelines and communication standards, ensuring use familiarity for users and facilitating their adoption.


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