Your Account-Centric analyses


Do you have a system that helps you effectively plan Top Account activities and supports you with integrated analytical account planning activities?

Action plan management: The model supports planning and managing business actions on various Accounts, integrating dedicated information on segmentation, Account behavior, effectiveness of past actions and strategic development guidelines.


Does your analytical model let you accurately monitor and compare trends in achieving your business targets on various types of Account?

Competitive analysis: The system lets you evaluate the company’s positioning on its reference market and with its competitors, helping you refine your business strategy.


Are you able to accurately monitor the time to market of your products and their positioning with respect to competitors?

Effectiveness: The model can be used by the users even on mobile devices – tablets, smartphones – depending on how the sales force is equipped. It is possible to have access to customized reports based on the device being used, enhancing the User Experience and interaction speeds.

Our model

Our True BI.Access module provides the tools for dedicated management of all types of Accounts involved in the Market Access process. This solution enables creation of systems, reporting models and dedicated dashboards to monitor Account status such as positioning, sales performance, Account access and supporting business planning such as action plan management, budgeting and definition of priorities.
Moreover, the module provides effective support for managing Account tenders, thanks to dashboards created to monitor the whole process, from offering to supply up to follow-up.Integration of different data sources and types of information and their strategic combination enhance the quality and value provided to the end user, conveyed through dashboards and reporting models optimized to permit even multi-device experiences. And, finally, the solution can be customized both for day-by-day use by the sales network and for strategic monitoring by Head Office and Corporate level users.


Sales performance & integrated regional sales

True BI.Access monitors sales trends over time and for different types of Account and product, with special focus on managing Top Accounts. It also supports monitoring of national and regional Market Access contexts (Therapeutic Hospital Formulary, Regional Therapeutic Hospital Formulary, Commissions) and assists as well with detailed analysis going down to single Account and single tender levels (tender status, monitoring of orders and deliveries, payment management).

Unambiguous account and tender identification

The model unambiguously identifies all players and tenders during all Market Access processes. The Accounts and tenders involved can be identified and unambiguous corporate records can be created using automated and customized rules depending on the complexity of the reference context. This enhances analyses with integration of information along the entire Market Access process, both from in-house (SAP, management software) and external (competitive analyses, market data) data sources.

Budget monitoring and business requirements

True BI.Access incorpora anche una specifica gestione del monitoraggio del fabbisogno commerciale sugli Account, andando a mettere in relazione il budget stabilito per ogni Account con i dati di vendita. Fornisce quindi la possibilità di monitoraggio del processo di budgeting per linee di prodotto, aree terapeutiche, tipologia di Account e integrando lo stato di avanzamento del funnel commerciale, delle gare come le gare aperte, il monitoraggio dei capitolati di gara, l’avanzamento degli ordini.


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