Your process


Does your analytical reporting model effectively support your business processes?

A holistic approach: the module uses an all-round “business-oriented” approach based on mapping all data sources involved and on identification and accurate analysis of requirements and potential trends in the Pharmaceutical business, interfacing with Business and IT partners to create sound and complete models.


Do the Key Success Factors that you measure adequately meet the business demands that your day-to-day business operations require?

Strategic support: The process fosters achieving strategic targets by identifying relevant Key Success Factors that obtain concrete and measurable answers, leveraging the KPI models that are built by effectively combining corporate data and information.


Can you accurately measure how much your Field Force activities are aligned with achievement of the corporate strategic targets?

Effectiveness: The process, by identifying the relevant factors on which to base strategic choices both at Head Office and Field Force levels, achieves greater effectiveness both in terms of potential insights, thanks to a data-driven approach, and in terms of speed and ease of use of analytical tools.

Our model

True AI.Process permits pharmaceutical companies to meet implicit and non-implicit business requirements and demands through specific consulting on corporate analytical models. The system, starting from a mapping of data and information available inside the company from a “business-oriented” perspective, uses a holistic approach to identify specific corporate requirements and to develop reporting models, analytical dashboards and the other tools used at the levels of both head office and commercial networks. This approach, leveraging Trueblue expertise both in terms of knowledge of the functional logics of the pharmaceutical business and of user experience, best meets the challenges and critical issues generated by day-to-day business activities, fostering achievement of corporate targets,


Dedicated accelerators

Trueblue’s longstanding experience, combined with innovative drive and expertise, has led to creation of a set of assets enhancing model adoption and implementation speed and which encompasses: Data Models, specific pharmaceutical ETL for providers and technological solutions, KPI models, “ready-to-use” libraries of dashboards, reports and analyses, Change Management plans.

Visual excellence

Trueblue provides BI design skills, both in terms of user experience and of user interaction, that permit development of corporate reporting models with a view to improving speed, linearity and ease of use.

Head Office and Sales Force perspective

True AI.Process permits development and innovation of reporting models, integrated analyses and analytical dashboards in furtherance of all corporate areas, both at high levels and for merely operational requirements. It leverages specialized creation processes and knowledge of specific themes at both head office and commercial network levels. The process optimizes corporate performances at both Corporate and national/local branch levels.

Change Management support

The holistic approach also foresees an adequate Change Management plan to support adoption of new tools and revision of related corporate processes, to be implemented through training & coaching plans so as to encourage adoption of the tool and communication plans to ensure adequate engagement.


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