Analysis of your channels


Have you set a strategic approach to multichannelling through collection, integration and analysis of data coming from all your channels?

Monitoring: The True AI.Channels module consists of more than 80 KPIs that let you monitor, improve and customize use of communication channels.


Does your system let you perform digital profiling of your customers and identify the best channel to interact with physicians?

Automation: The system offers automated digital profiling of physicians, favoring their segmentation and profiling.


Do you know how effective your multichannel strategy is?

Effectiveness and efficiency: Using the module simplifies analysis of the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and of all communication channels adopted. It also permits assessments regarding adequacy and ROI relating to the strategies adopted.

Our model

The True AI.Channels analytical module lets you monitor, analyze, evaluate and verify the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing campaigns of pharmaceutical companies and of communication channels implemented. It also identifies, in addition to analyzing digitized contact with the stakeholders and identifying the best communication channel, the best strategy for contacting physicians and the short and long-term impact of multichannel strategies.


Insight analysis process automation

The analysis process provided by the multichannel analytical module not only provides data but also insights and, thanks to the possibility of customizing the solution, permits analysis of aggregate and single data based on product, brand and sales level. The analysis lets you evaluate the type of campaign target, its ability to support the switch in communication channel but also the quality of the material and contents of the campaign as well as the ROI.

Integrated approach

Trueblue provides the accurate and easy-to-interpret data that is necessary to set corporate marketing strategies. This is not a ‘plug & play’ solution but rather one of insights configured for analysis and interpreted by all business end-users.

Adoption focus

Multichannelling is focused on adoption analysis and therefore on digital profiling of the physician. The analytical tool makes it possible to study the physician’s requirements and preferences in detail and consequently to automatically segment and digitally profile him.

Integration of the analytical multichannel module

This solution can be integrated with the operating module and includes real time analyses of results using parameters such as the engagement of the physician, the effectiveness of interaction and average browsing time on digital contents and shared platforms.


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