This year Trueblue will join EyeForPharma Barcelona 2018 too

We will show the results achieved applying the analytic G-Local processes worldwide.

What is the value of an analytical process for the Field Force, developed at Corporate level and adopted locally? What is its impact on performances? How can the Pharma Business successfully adopt the main concepts of Lean & Six Sigma methodology? How can we measure the impact on sales of a project or a “Corporate Commercial Excellence” program?

The story of one of the most meaningful Corporate cases gives answer to all these questions – a case focused on change processes scientifically applied to an international context and afterwards on the precise check on their effective business impact.

This story tells about a four-year journey among KPIs definition and G-local analytical processes, among Sales & Marketing models integration and an impressive operating and cultural transformation process. It will be Domenico Zilioli, Sales and Marketing Director of Alfasigma Spanish Branch and former Corporate Commercial Excellence Manager, to lead us into this journey in his speech “Measuring pharma performance of the practical application of Lean & Six Sigma methodology: The way to the Customer Engagement. The impact of Corporate and Local Analytical process”. His speech will be on the 14th March at 16:20.

“We have worked hard to concretely apply the evolution theories of Lean Organization and Six Sigma methodology to the Pharma Business. The whole Company has engaged in this effort, whose target was what we call ‘Excellence in Execution’. Its results in terms of sales are not only relevant, but, more importantly, they can be linked to the methods and processes we have been successfully applying these years.”
Domenico Zilioli, Alfasigma – Commercial Director of their branch in Spain