The Virtual Coach for Pharma

Based on Google Cloud technology, with AI functions

Trueblue, Google Cloud Tech Partner and Vertical Solution Provider for the Pharma Industry for 25+ years, has presented M.A.R.C., a tool able to transform the work of Pharma sales reps, to an audience of 120 managers. M.A.R.C. is a virtual coach, a virtual analyst and a smart CRM, which not only makes sales data analysis and management simple, but also aggregates and elaborate information coming from various company platform, in a clear and intuitive way.

Thanks to the use of Google Cloud technologies, M.A.R.C. is able to proactively supply data useful to the sales force of pharma companies, thus providing real-time analyses and forecasts. Moreover, M.A.R.C. can give reps high-quality insights and relevant answers to the asked questions, because it is designed on machine-learning models and artificial intelligence algorithms.

“We have brought together all our partners of the pharma world to show the innovations M.A.R.C. is introducing in the improvement of corporate performances of pharma companies”, says Marco Bonesini, Trueblue’s CEO. “We have been very proud to present this best practice, which we have achieved thanks to the technological infrastructure of Google Cloud”.

“We are pleased to be part of this co-development with Trueblue and Google Cloud to provide our reps with an innovative tool, with the aim of concretely apply Artificial Intelligence to plan their activities and better meet the doctors’ needs. This project’s first pilot was realised for the Italian market” says Giorgio Pinci, Global Head of Strategic Planning and Commercial Excellence of the multinational Company Merck Serono. Daryoush Goljahani, Head of Southern Europe & Emerging Market Partnership @ Google Cloud states: “We are glad that our infrastructure has allowed Trueblue – a reality of our ecosystem – to offer the market a product able to boost the results of pharma companies’ employees, thus enabling people to make data-driven decisions”.

Source: Adnkronos Salute | Pharma Kronos