9 December 2020

The new Scenario of Artificial Intelligence

What happens when Artificial Intelligence clashes with the world of Social Networks? Discover the communication strategy Trueblue adopted for the launch of AiDEA!

Artificial Intelligence and Social Networks together have enormous potential: both in terms of application and the possibility of creating new content. But let’s start with order.

Artificial Intelligence seems to be the must-have of 2019-2020. Already in the vocabulary of many Companies from many sectors such as automotive, agri-food, household appliances, finance, and healthcare, it is probably destined to become an evergreen perfectly integrated into the daily life of each of us, in many ways.

The reason for the hype around this subject can be traced back to its enormous potential in terms of both applications and results, as well as its rich historical and scientific background, which keeps on fascinating and surprising experts, scholars but also simply the most curious ones. This has lead to the creation of a huge amount of material and content available online – such as whitepapers, eBooks and webinars.

For this reason, Marketing Divisions of companies whose crown jewel is Artificial Intelligence find it extremely challenging to be unique and capture the attention of clients and prospects when telling their story.

Concreteness is the Key

When it comes to products and services, Trueblue’s core values are quality, excellence and high competence. These assets are recognized not only by our customers, but also by companies involved in strategic consulting and research worldwide, such as Gartner Inc. This recognition is crucial for us, as we could not continue our path of growth and innovation without the foundations of credibility and trust.

These are the assumptions underlying the Marketing & Communication Strategy we have adopted for the launch of AiDEA, Trueblue’s new Smart Customer Engagement solution.

But let’s take a step backwards. Trueblue’s goal is to make the digital working model of Pharma & Life Science companies accessible. So what is the key element that makes AiDEA unique within these markets? The answer is easy and it is Artificial Intelligence – the technology at the heart of the whole system AiDEA has been built on.

A propos Artificial Intelligence – If it is true that by now everybody talks about Artificial Intelligence and (almost) everybody can create it, why should AiDEA be different, but above all credible? This brings us to the second key feature of AiDEA: its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365®, a solid platform with a market-leading global infrastructure.

These two elements together (Trueblue’s Artificial Intelligence technology combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365® platform), represent the so-called core values that are at the heart of AiDEA’s entire line of communication, making it truly innovative.

We have thus decided to start from these concepts to create a set of contents distributed within a communication plan specifically studied.

Building useful and interesting content for the target audience is one of today’s most demanding challenges of marketing: people need concreteness and our task is to make our values, and therefore AiDEA, as real and tangible as possible.

Press Releases – the Gateway to an effective Communication Plan

The first step for launching AiDEA was the press release, which had the purpose to announce the integration between Trueblue and Microsoft Dynamics 365® to improve Customer Engagement for Pharma and Life Science. Our press release has kicked off this announcement and made some noise about it on the main communication channels.

One of the key elements that significantly contributed to the success of this content was the statement by Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft: “Never before have life sciences and pharmaceuticals been more important for the world, so we welcome Trueblue to Microsoft’s Business Applications ecosystem as part of the ISV Connect program. Trueblue has integrated its solutions for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. This integration will create more choice in the market and increase customer value in this industry”.

Of course, such a statement has a big power and manages to make the news even more attractive and interesting.

But it’s not over! In fact, the press release was shared not only on Trueblue’s main communication channels, but also on press agencies of great importance in the industry, such as ANSA, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, About Pharma and many more. Media act as loudspeakers that help both to disseminate the news and to index it on search engines, making it easily available and in evidence.

Social Networks and the Power of Sharing

The world of Social Networks is as complex as underrated. Indeed, between amateur gurus and often unclear golden rules, you must always be alert to updates and new trends. Besides, it is necessary to constantly listen to and analyse your target audience. One thing is certain: Social media have opened up a huge window of opportunity for companies, as they allow direct dialogue with their users and the transmission of relevant content, in order to provide the best possible experience on the Web.

As I mentioned before, one of the secrets of adopting a successful strategy is to carefully evaluate your audience. So we at Trueblue asked ourselves, Where are our audience? Where do they find out about market news? Where are they best prepared to receive the messages we want to communicate? Trueblue operates in a B2B sector, for this reason the ideal Social media is LinkedIn.

With this awareness, we have consequently adapted our editorial plan, making it suitable to offer the right visibility to the launch of AiDEA, planning the publication of every single organic post (i.e. not sponsored), though without forgetting the alternation with other types of content. However, the news in itself is sometimes not enough, i.e. the simple sharing of the press release can be unattractive on this type of platforms.

As a matter of fact, Social Media are a great tool because they give you the opportunity to have a closer dialog and contact with your users. On this subject, we have found that the most appreciated contents are those where people “put their face”, precisely because they remind each one of us that behind strategic decisions, products and technological innovations there are human beings who, with passion and competence, make all this possible. For this reason, we asked our Board what their point of view was regarding the integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365® and AiDEA, obtaining a remarkable feedback from both their personal connections and Trueblue’s audience, in terms of reactions and shares.

An interesting and functional component of our communication plan is the one of sponsored posts. As a matter of fact, these types of contents, that are subject to a disclaimer that makes them absolutely transparent, have the advantage of being able to select and filter the target to which one’s message will be conveyed. This has allowed us to reach users outside our circle of followers, reaching more than 40,000 views in the main countries of interest.

All these actions together have enabled us to achieve excellent results not only in terms of visibility, but also in general as regards Trueblue’s Awareness and Reputation in the Pharma & Life Science markets.

Videos: Storytelling and pure Emotional Involvement

In Marketing, videos have been popular for years, and yet they seem to be a content that never stops working and capturing the attention of the audience. This particular format has indeed the great potential to involve viewers and to arouse a wide range of emotions with music, voices or words, succeeding in making them either identify with or take a distance from certain behaviours – according to the chosen narrative style and storyboard. In short, although this is certainly a complex and difficult content to achieve compared to others, if well done the results can offer great satisfaction.

For AiDEA we have therefore chosen to create and develop different types of videos, with different objectives. The first one is the AiDEATips column, a set of technical videos to explain the main reasons why this innovative solution was born and developed and what are its benefits and key values.

The main actors are Trueblue’s Leaders, who are on the front line to speak efficaciously to our followers.

The second video has a more emotional nuance and has been designed for End Users. The teaser starts from what is considered the basic concept of AiDEA, namely the birth of a new paradigm in the Pharma and Life Science world. The message that this video wants to share to viewers has a very precise direction: Thanks to new technologies, our world is evolving faster and faster, so it’s about time to change. AiDEA is the solution that supports this process and facilitates work activities at multiple levels, but also boosts business performance. How did we convey this concept? Using images and videos able to make the target audience identify, inserting a few small previews of what AiDEA will look like on smartphones and portable devices and inserting a sudden change of music, not only to give the idea of change but also to keep the attention high until the end.

Are you curious to see the result?

Watch the video below!

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