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6 Speakers

80 Companies

120 Participants


Just a few numbers to describe last Monday, 20th May at Google Italy’s Head Office in Milan, where M.A.R.C., was presented. The Pharma Pocket Expert, which is the result of the partnership between Trueblue and Google Cloud, supports Pharma and Healthcare companies with the promise to transform work and business model, thus improving performances.

A meeting dedicated to innovation and technology, attended by more than 120 participants from 80 different companies. The focus was M.A.R.C. and its key features built on Artificial Intelligence systems – such as its being reactive, proactive and prescriptive, thus dramatically simplifying the work of the Sales Force.

Many speeches characterised the event, including two Case Histories and a DEMO of M.A.R.C., totally capturing the attention and interest of the audience.

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