Supply Chain

Implemented on Microsoft Power BI

The best analytics platform

For improving the governance of supply chain processes in Pharma & Life Science Industries

An analytical platform to integrate and combine key information from logistics, purchasing and distribution processes. Moreover, it allows access and monitoring of all information, measuring the quality of business processes: planning practices, execution, control of material flow activities and many other processes.


Process optimization

Simplified supply chain processes, in terms of monitoring and optimization

Single point of access

Single platform for all, avoiding the risk of fragmentation of access and information

Integration of different data sources

Analytical integration across multiple data sources to highlight correlations and patterns

Business Processes mapping

Metrics, Analysis and KPIs related to a specific business process



Library of configurable connectors to allow integration with the most popular data source systems on the market (SAP, IBP, Oracle...)

Self Service BI Embedded

Creation of ad hoc analysis in real time thanks to a comprehensive library of measures and indicators


Possibility to quickly combine information from different areas by applying advanced business rules to the data and harmonize them


Quickly and intuitively navigation between the global overview and the specific detailed data, through the use of specially designed interfaces

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