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Rep Digital Suite

One conversation, multiple channels!

In a continuously changing customer landscape, it is key to leverage the use of innovative touchpoints that allow an effective migration from a F2F to a F@F engagement model

Rep Digital Suite

Rep Digital Suite empowers in-field teams (Sales and Medical) to improve Customer Engagement and to increase productivity in a compliant way by leveraging the use of multiple channels.
Relying in such solution has never been so critical as reps' access is becoming increasingly limited and companies are looking for alternative ways to meet with HCP stakeholders. Trueblue offers an array of solutions to maintain and improve customer engagement.

Solution modules

Remote Call

Using Remote Calls enables in-field teams to reach and deliver the information your customers need in a convenient and compliant way. This solution allows the teams to increase their productivity by adding flexibility to control their schedules and manage potentially larger territories.

Rep Trigger Email

Using Rep Trigger Email solution, you will be able not only to reach more stakeholders with dedicated marketing campaigns, but also to have access to real-time insights on channel effectiveness.


When using CLM (and during Remote Calls) sales reps will have the chance to share tailored materials to specific targets in a fully compliant way. The solution also allows to capture stakeholders' feedback and automatically record calls.

Portal & Customer booking

By using Portal & Customer Booking, HCPs will be able to pro-actively interact with pharmaceutical companies and request targeted engagements according to their needs.

Remote Privacy Management

The online privacy consent tool allows stakeholders to manage and amend consent to both the processing of data and the publication of ToV.

Event One To Many

With our solution, every event has now the possibility to become a virtual event. Manage speakers and participants in an integrated way to get a complete and compliant view of your event plan.

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