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M.A.R.C. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence Powered by M.A.R.C.

M.A.R.C. revolutionizes and facilitates the way Life Sciences companies do business every day. Intelligent insights always at your fingertips in order to humanize and execute a smart multichannel customer engagement.


Our Intelligent Pharma Expert boosts users’ performances by providing real-time strategic hints to cover the gap between strategy and execution.

Virtual Coach

Ready to assist users in real time, a source of strategic suggestions, with access to integrated data models and able to learn from past behaviours and previous patterns.

Virtual Analyst

A system based on Trueblue’s Artificial Intelligence, which helps users to better analyze and understand data through the creation of analytical paths customized according to business strategies

Customer Engagement Engine

Trueblue’s Artificial Intelligence system that helps to segment and group users taking into account the identified preferred contact channel and the customer journey of presentation of corporate products.

M.A.R.C. Key Points

Context Analysis and Recognition

Assists users by giving them the right information at the right time in the right way

Strategic hints

Increases users’ performance by providing prescriptive and actionable
insights based on business priorities


Helps users understand and extract the right KPIs from data
thanks to its AI capability

Recognition of Natural Language

Simplifies users’ lives by reducing barriers to accessing information


Helps companies with strategy execution and drives the change to a new operating model

Corporate Strategy Alignment

Improves efficiency and effectiveness of business information
analysis through a dedicated analytical path

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