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Event Management

Compliant by design

Build, customize and manage your Pharmaceutical Event strategy in an all-in-one platform. Easily manage budget allocation and distribution, monitoring costs and impact in real time.

Save time in managing logistics by digitalizing the relationships with agencies and suppliers and the integration with several data sources. Ensure compliance with national laws, ethical policies and transparency regulations.


Transparency & Compliance

The system allows Life Science companies to comply with all internal and external compliance controls. It manages all aspects related to transparency management and allows to collect all required consents.

Fully adherent to company SOPs

The system is natively compliant. Using a powerful workflow, it allows to completely customize all business processes, directing each activity to the right business function and following precise deadlines.

Multiple Sources Integration

The module is natively integrated with customers' main databases. In addition, in terms of final budget, it integrates with the main ERP systems by using APIs, Web services or flat-files.


Deadline tracker

Manage your schedule thanks to a customizable alert system and workflow. Let all the involved areas and roles be aligned with deadlines and tasks to be completed within the event's timeline.

Budget Monitoring

Grant your Field Force an easy-to-use tool to properly manage budget and let your Company Management make data-driven decisions thanks to analysis of cost-effectiveness and impact.

Smart Engagement

The solution can provide a selection of the most relevant stakeholders for your event, helping your Field Force to choose the effective attendees thanks to engagement estimation, participation rate and profiling analysis.

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