AiDEA Marketing

One conversation, multiple channels!

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation for human and personalised relationships with your customers. Now it's possible.

AiDEA Marketing is our Marketing Automation tool AI -Driven and powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365®. Designed to allow the planning and execution of Digital Marketing strategies in a multichannel approach, the tool enables a multi-touchpoints orchestration in an integrated way, through personalized and automated Customer Journeys, in order to create the best Customer Experience.


Automated Customer Journey

Design, plan and deliver marketing content and actions at the right time and through the right channels to deliver a valuable customer experience.

Human Customer Experience

Aligning Sales & Marketing through a single tool by enabling the sharing of data, information and advice through the use of a smartphone; engaging customers in a smarter and faster way.

Integrated AiDEA Actionable Insights

Turn customer information and behaviour into relevant actions using AI-driven insights for content, channels, segmentation and analytics. Powered by AiDEA.

Measure and grow

Measure the engagement level of your audience by considering online and offline interactions, with a specific focus on the best performing channel used by REPs (F2F, Remote Call).


Multi-channel ​campaigns

Email marketing with A/B testing. Landing pages, forms and website customisation. Social posting and marketing support for business units.

Customer ​journey orchestration & Customer Insights integration

Lead scoring & Management. Account Based Marketing.

Insights ​and reporting​

360-degree view of customers​ and their interactions. Social media analytics.​ Advanced and custom analysis with AiDEA and Power BI​®.

Natively integrated with AiDEA

Natively integrated with AiDEA CRM, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365: the perfect tool to streamline Pharma & Life Science's marketing departments.

Start creating unique experiences for your Customers!

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